Howdy hooty, looking for some good shadowing resources!

I’m currently getting past the N5 level of Japanese and would like to begin shadowing if possible. If anyone has resources it would be quite some help! I’m just discovering it’s usefulness. :3

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Well, I don’t know any resources designed specifically for shadowing, but


can be used for shadowing too.


ウエブありがとうございます。 :pray: サトリリーダーはすごいですね。

Hi! I use the Genki textbooks - they have good short dialogues to start each chapter, and it’s good review! You can get the audio on the OTO Navi app.

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I really like Irodori (there was a review on Tofugu a while back which is how I found out about it)

The topics are very simple and relate to real life situations; they follow the Can Do model where you think of your progress of things you can do, e.g. “Can order in a fast food restaurant” or “Can discuss what to buy when, for example, having a house party”.

The book is specifically meant for shadowing too (they have some stuff for listening and reading too but it definitely focuses on speaking). So they have bits of dialogue where first you listen, then you shadow

Also it’s free which is pretty cool

I also recommend using easy-to-understand youtube videos or podcasts to shadow. If you already have some listening resources you like, try using them to practice speaking!


There’s a great book called, wait for it, “Shadowing”. :grin: Get’s my recommendation. I should do it more, though.

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The Tokini Andy website offers shadowing and listening exercises with a membership. I have not used it myself, but based on the quality of his lessons on YouTube I assume that the content is pretty good!