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Hello everyone! My first post on Wanikani…

I just reached level 11 and I am looking to start doing Shadowing with transcripts and/or written dialouges to get used to talking and getting in the correct pronounciation. I want to start with this now so that I can work on my accent and try to sound more native from the start. The issue is, it’s really difficult to find reliable and close to free sources/materials for this.

I’ve looked around for a few hours but cant seem to find what I am looking for. Does any of you have any tips, tricks or perhaps own experiences in Shadowing Japanese to help me (and perhaps others reading this) to get started? I am looking to do this for at least a few months up to half a year. I am about at a N4 level in reading at the moment.

What I have found so far is a podcast I’m following, The Hapa Eikaiwa Podcast (HAPA英会話Podcast) which has a lot of material and transcripts for almost all the 400+ podcast episodes if you pay the monthly subscription. I find it really interesting to listen to it and would like to give it a try, but I wonder if anyone have tried out his material so far. Is it well put out? Is it worth giving it a shot?

If you don’t have any experience with Japanese shadowing but perhaps shadowing other languages, please feel free to share them as well. All help is appreciated :slight_smile:

See you around!


What is shadowing? You read the dialogue out loud while listening?
Couldn’t you do this with Japanese-language subtitles?

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Great book.

you might have some luck searching around on YouTube for a preview


Almost! Shadowing means you listen and repeat what your hear. Usually without pauses and at conversational speed to get used to hearing normal speech. You can use subtitles and try that way of course, but that’s what I am looking for. Where can I find that (with japanese subtitles, non-romaji)?

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The website Glossika is designed for shadowing practice.


I’m sure there’s a lot of videos in YouTube for shadowing, but I can look some up later.


We have a UPROS TV Box in which you can play Japanese dramas on demand. Most of them are subtitled in both Chinese and Japanese. There’s no monthly fee, just the original cost.


ToKini Andy has some great shadowing practice as part of his quartet and genki series. The rest of the content is really good as well if you are into textbook style study


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