Recommendation to remember the meanings of 近日 and 近年


I need help remembering the meanings of 近日 and 近年. They’ve been bouncing back and forth between Apprentice and Guru since I got to them. My problem is that the usage of 近 in the two words are basically opposites (one before, one after), and I can’t remember which is which. I would guess that the best way to learn them would be through exposure, of course. But that aside, any recommendations to remember them would be appreciated.



So one means in a few days, the other means in recent years, yes ?

Think of it this way: “in recent days” sounds weird compared to “in recent years”. Best I can think of. I also try to think, what’s more important to talk about, what’s happening in a few years or in a few days ? Now is more important, ergo in a few days, then just remember the other one is opposite.


Could think of them as close days and close years but on different sides of the spectrum ¯_(ツ)_/¯


I think it’s helpful to remember the second meaning of 近日 is “soon”. “In a few days”, is soon, whereas “in a few years” is not, so it must mean recent years.