Brain fart

Anyone ever have one of those interminable moments where you can’t seem to come up with the right answer? I was on KameSame reviewing my WaniKani material and I had to remember the word for “soon” or “coming days”. I stared at the screen for minutes. I had the idea it was きんにち, but the kanji wouldn’t match.

I felt really stupid when I remembered the じつ reading for 日. Really, really stupid.


I’m this early into it and I do it everyday, especially hate the times when it has a small “っ” and I forget to put it in. Or when the answer is “ちい” but I write “ち”

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I do it every day too, but usually it’s with newer stuff. I feel really dumb when I forget something that I already knew. That’s why I use KameSame (and because it makes me remember from scratch, without the kanji on screen giving me clues), but I’ve been slacking on that and learning grammar on Bunpro instead. Guess that’ll teach me!

I definitely get that. And also, 近日 and 近年 are such leeches for me, I just can’t seem to remember which is “the coming days/years” and which is “recent days/years”. Why aren’t they the same :sob::sob::sob:


They actually are, just that one of the two can have both meanings. I don’t know if WK only teaches one for each so that you won’t confuse them. 近年 is the one that can only mean ‘recent years’. 近日 can mean both ‘coming days’ and ‘recent days’. My guess is this: it might be harder to project yourself years into the future, so 近年 just refers to the past. Projecting yourself a few years forward or backward isn’t too hard mentally, so 近日 can mean both. Perhaps the ‘future’ meaning is preferred because the ‘past’ meaning overlaps with 先日.


This happens with native languages too. :wink: But in that case you have the facility to describe the concept using the words you do remember.


I seem to always have a brainfart, when it comes to this kanji. 主 “shu”

I know the meaning, every time. It’s master, but when it comes to the reading, I always either say “chuu” for some reason, or I confuse it with 宝 and say “hou”

Drives me nuts.

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Hey, at level 11 you can looking forward to mixing it up with 注 and getting the ちゅう reading correct. :wink:

But seriously, most of the kanji in WK that have 主 in it have a ちゅう reading although it does have a lot of vocab for the しゅ reading as you level so I wouldn’t worry about it for now.

The word I use to remember it is 主将しゅしょう since you hear that a lot in anime.

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