Reality overload? What's the nuance?

There are a lot of words in WK that have the definition “reality”. I felt like I was getting them all confused, so I drew from the context sentences provided by WK and tried my best to boil them down here. Let me know if there’s anything that needs to be corrected, I wasn’t able to figure out how to distinguish all of them.

  • 事実 - Noun – Truth or fact. 科学的な事実 is “scientific fact”
  • 実在 - Noun – “real existence”. Something that really exists. 実在の人 is a “real, nonfictional person”.
  • 現実 - Noun – Reality itself. This is reality in the pure, abstract sense.
  • 本当 - Can be in adverb form as 本当に. Very common, used to say whether or not something is really true.
  • 真実 - A noun, but can be used as an adverb or adjective. Can’t really figure out the nuance on this one. 真実の愛 is “true love”, but also you can say 真実ですか to ask if something is true? You can also say 真実から目を背けないで to literally say “don’t turn your eyes away from the truth”. EDIT: As @Leebo says, this is the truth you search for in a mystery.
  • 実 - noun, の adjective. 実は is a way of saying “well actually,” or “truth is,”. 実のところ is a fixed expression that says “as a matter of fact, I…”, or “to tell the truth, I…”

Man, that’s a lot to dig into, but typing this out actually helped me a bit.


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This is the “truth” that you search for in a mystery.


Explains why the context sentence was asking if an accusation was true or not. So this is to figure out what really happened in some situation. Got it.

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It’s also in the catchphrase of Detective Conan: 真実はいつも一つ!


Did you know that you can get volume 1-95 of Detective Conan as a set on for only 45,000 yen? I may have considered getting that the other day


That’s 409,33$ total currently, 4,30$ per volume. Not a brilliant mass discount if you ask me, but not bad. I personally wouldn’t know where to put 95 volumes, that’s the problem with buying physical manga ^^

@OP i also tried to figure out some of these nuances, but didn’t make a list yet, nice one, thanks!

Ps WK also gives 本質 as truth as fourth synonym, but true nature, essence or substance are probably more fitting anyways. Depending how remotely something is a synonym for reality, you could probably list a few more words, but these seem to be the main ones.


There’s also 極真 (きょくしん, the ultimate truth) as in 極真会館.


if anyone else was curious: Kyokushin - Wikipedia

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Also, 極真会館 is a style of full-contact karate.

It’s not a discount at all unless Conan’s manga is more expensive for some reason…
45k yen for 95 volumes comes out to 473 yen per volume, which is basically the standard pricing for manga.

Ah, yeah, i was thinking european manga prices, Conan Vol. 1 is around 6,50$ here. Don’t know the usual japanese price.

It’s still pretty much half the price it would be buying them where I live, lol. There were also used sets for something like 20,000 yen

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Ah well, that is indeed a factor lol manga in japan is so cheap compared to, seemingly, everywhere else. But is it also a deal with shipping? I’ve never made a big purchase, so I don’t know how shipping works with large orders, if it’s the same shipping as one volume, it does sound awesome.

One volume shipped to my house was cheaper than buying one volume of manga where I live, specially taking into considerations the cost of taking the bus/subway to the store and back.

I didn’t check, but I wouldn’t expect them to ship internationally, so I would have had to use a proxy, and they go by weight, so it would probably still be a hefty shipping fee.

From I bought my Hyouka book from there, and it arrived a few days later (to Scandinavia). Or did you mean your particular 95 volume order? Did I miss something? Is many late, time for Redglare to go schleep schleep.


Pretty much only orders fulfilled by Amazon ship internationally in my experience, and I wouldn’t expect that article to be listed by Amazon itself.


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