Readings not playing anymore, but WaniKani says they won't fix it

A few days ago, WaniKani stopped playing readings if you hit enter or click next too quickly. I emailed support about this, and they said that there was no way for them to fix it. This is frustrating because hearing a reading served as my prize for getting a question right. Is anyone else annoyed by this change?


So, you can listen to the readings, if you just don’t hit enter as quickly as you can? :eyes: Sounds like the solution is a change in pace and you can listen to the readings just fine? :thinking:

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Hm, I don’t think I have this issue. I can check later when new reviews are available.

Do you have any userscripts installed? If so, turn them off and check if the problem still persists. Maybe it is because of an outdated userscript.

EDIT: See update below.

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Update on my earlier message.

I tried to reproduce the scenario that @sgplant mentioned under different conditions:

  • pressing ENTER 2 times / 3 times / or by “button smashing”
  • using with/without a VPN to add an additional delay
  • two browsers: Safari (my main browser) and Firefox
  • without/with scripts (all updated to latest)
    I suppose that if there is a relation to a script, then maybe DoubleCheck-script or some audio tweaking script. I only tested DoubleCheck-script.


The audio played normally, every time. I could not reproduce the scenario.
However, I noticed that sometimes the audio plays a bit later, especially if I use my University VPN. But that’s likely just because of the internet connection / the delay introduced by the VPN.

Some solutions for @sgplant ?

  • Please check that - if you have Userscripts installed - please update them to the latest version. Especially DoubleCheck-script, which has lately contributed to a lot of bugs since TamperMonkey not always updates scripts automatically…
  • Check if the issue still exists in another browser?
  • Please reconfirm if you have autoplay for REVIEWS enabled (not lessons or extra study! there’s 3 settings with close names). Check image below

EDIT: See my updated answer in the thread below


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