Reading synonyms?

So I know that we can add our own synonyms for the translative answers, but I was wondering whether there was a way to do this for the Japanese reading?

The reason I want to be able to do this is for words with a ‘ー’, for example in ビー玉, for the reading answer I always have to write either a dash (-) or switch to my input to Japanese. I would much rather be able to just type ‘びいだま’. Which, as far as my ken, is identical pronunciation.

Does anyone know wether there’s a way to do this?

The pronunciation might be the same but the spelling would be wrong, and unlike the English side, they want the Japanese answers to be exactly as presented. There are other cases where you could spell things differently and still get the same pronunciation, and those are also not allowed by the system.

As far as I know, there’s no way to get around it.


I see your point, but when I’m not using WaniKani and typing in Japanese I am generally using the Japanese input anyway; therefore I would normally spell it correctly. Furthermore, when I was typing my phonetic pronunciation example in using the Japanese input option for my question, it came up with an option to write the word as that (ビイ玉). This may well be a special case, but it supports my argument for reading synonyms so I’m going to use it as an example :upside_down_face::upside_down_face::upside_down_face:.

If you mistype something, it’ll suggest the katakana version of what you typed (and any kanji it thinks you might be typing), so it’s not so much giving you that as a way to write THAT word, but instead giving you what it thinks you’ve typed out.

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Ah, I see… Well that doesn’t really help defend my argument. I knew it would give options for what I was typing in Katakana, but I didn’t know that it would give an option for a mixture between kana and kanji. If it bring up options for kanji for the だま part of the word, would it not bring up a kanji for the びい part of it? (This is a new question now, thanks for letting me know though!)

Yeah. I’ve mistyped a lot of words, so it happens quite a bit to me. You can see it for something like サンボ折る・ドン簿折る which would be typos of ダンボ折る (cardboard).

I tried to take a screenshot but it wouldn’t show the ime suggestions and actually take the screenshot at the same time…

Edit: super typos… it’s actually 段ボール. I’m not sure why I thought it had the kanji 折 unless I’ve misspelled cardboard just that often…

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I see, okay. Thanks for the explanation!

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IMEs will give you all kinds of options. It doesn’t know you’re not trying to type a proper noun or coined word.

The ビー comes from the loanword ビードロ from Portuguese “vidro”, which has no kanji.

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I knew that the options aren’t all properly composed words. What I didn’t know is that it would give you kana-kanji combination that aren’t correct. Tbh a lot of the time my hands type faster than my head thinks :rofl::rofl:.

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