I'm level 29 and I just now noticed this

Nearly a year of WaniKani, and I just now noticed that you can add your own synonyms for words. You have got to be…UGHHHHHHHHHH


Oh, man. But I guess that makes you pretty hardcore with how you memorized everything.


I think I’m gonna have a less frustrating experience from now on lol.


I haven’t really added that many synonyms, even though not noticing it until halfway through is pretty incredible :smiley::heart:

I would estimate I might have added maybe 40-50 synonyms for Wanikanis >8000 items. It hasn’t really been a conscious decision, I guess I just dont mind getting items wrong.

An example of synonyms I’ve added is for all the military ranks, like 少尉, 中尉, 少佐, 大佐 and the like. I have no interest in learning what Japanese military grade corresponds to which American counterpart, so I added the Swedish military grades as as synonyms.


Yeah, I’ve only added a handful myself so far. Clever point about the military ranks. I don’t really know anything about the Irish military either though…

i prefer synonyms for longer and multi word spagetti ones. Mediterranean Sea is “Ege” for us.


I’m currently doing my second playthrough of WaniKani, and I’m considering a 3rd when I finish this as well.

But instead of a normal playthrough, it’s going to be a challenge run where I add the pitch accent to the meaning of all the words.

So I won’t answer “book” as the meaning of 本, but rather “book one” since it’s a first-mora-accented word.


There’s a 10 character minimum on here, but I’d like to simply say: wut


it’s so good isn’t it? hahaha
this is the latest synonym i’ve added :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


So you have to manually edit all meanings to have that info, or are you going to make/use a userscript?



Is that Australian English? The Canadian synonym I added for that word is Elastic.

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I’m going to use the synonym feature to add more info to the “meaning” part than just the meaning. In this case, I want to test the meaning and the pitch accent of the words.

Probably I’ll just do each one individually, since that will function as the “lesson” part. It’s an opportunity to review it before the first review.


Parts of Australia, seems like. I’ve never come across it, but Google suggests it’s used pretty much everywhere except here in Sydney.


I’ve never heard of its use in Brisbane either.

I really like how you made it seem even more of a game :joy:

New Game+
Higher difficulty


I can’t find the original suggestion, so I will just quote myself:


I have definitely added a few. There are some instances where radicals have some bizarre name (such as raptor cage) when the corresponding kanji is ひさ or “long time”… so I added that synonym. Just as sunflower is hometown, and so on. Plus, while they’re pretty good about remembering to add the World English spellings for things, they do miss sometimes. Such as mustache instead of moustache. Hehe, sometimes I have to assert my Canadian-ness via synonyms. Oh, and the radical for katakana (omg, oops - KATANA) is only set as sword, so I added katakana (again, oops, katana). I am taking things slow though. I’m certain I will come across more. Mostly though, I leave them be. Most of them are pretty intuitive. Same with the “wolverine” one, which could easily just be the katakana (I meant it this time) for “yo”! Or book instead of “real” or “reality” … sigh.

You mean “Katana”, right?

Though Katakanas angles are often sharp enough to cut someone, I’m sure.


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