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I don’t really get what the reading mnemonic is hinting towards or what to do with that. I’m really confused on how to take this information. Can someone explain?

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The reading mnemonic is to help you remember how to pronounce the on’yomi reading.

You just started right? Have you used mnemonics before? The point is you are trying to create a memorable/ funny/ embarrassing story so you remember the reading better.
So if you want to remember こう, (kou) we use a story about Koichi who created Wanikani.
For example, construction, school, and subscription kanji all use the chinese (on’yomi) reading of こう. So stories about Koichi doing silly things at a construction site, a school and buying subscriptions will help you remember.

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If you post an example/ screenshot we can help more specifically too.

WaniKani majorly consists of these mnemonics for learning both the meanings and readings for all the items that you’ll be learning on the site. Here’s an article by Tofugu (the team behind this site) that explains the efficacy of utilizing mnemonics for learning Japanese, so I suggest trying the mnemonics out and seeing if they help you ^^

Mnemonics aren’t always perfect, so sometimes you’ll be able to come up with your own that work better for you or find that you don’t really need one for a particular item, it all just comes down to what will help you remember so that you can maximize your Japanese learning!

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Also, make sure you know hiragana first. (Sorry, if you already know, just wanted to make sure)

Tofugu has a good guide here:

To clarify this, when you are learning kanji, WK will usually teach the most common reading, which may be either the onyomi or kunyomi. The rest of the readings will be taught using the vocabulary.


Oh ya good point. This site isn’t going to make much sense at all until you learn Hiragana. The Tofugu method is the one I used and it’s awesome. Literally learned the alphabet in a day.

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