Kanji reading mnemonic makes no sense

EDIT: Solved, Apparently i got an email that tells me to learn that in advance.

Hello everyone,
I just started with the first Kanji and with the very first kanji (two) I got myself into a problem -
The reading for " two " is showing to be "knee (に) ", the reading for “one” is “itchy (いち)” and so on.

When I get to the quiz and it asks me for the reading I’m submitting it as it was given to me “knee”, yes but no. It turns it into " kねえ ", and obviously doesn’t accept it as an aswer, but I have no clue on how to make it work except the on’yomi reading (character) " に "
(moreover " に " means “into” and is spelled " Ni "… am i doing something wrong ? )

Am I supposed to memorise the on’yomi character and search it in the Kana Chart, but even then how was I supposed to know that “knee” = “ni” ( I had to look up in google… ) ,
it’s even harder to understand the Kanji for power ( Ricky the Rock (りき, りょく) ) when typing the same it shows " リcky てぇ ろck " and so on with the others kanji.

Please help. How am I supposed to know the “Correct” reading of a kanji, when the Reading Mnemonic doesn’t show the correct answer anyway…

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The english word “knee” is pronounced but not spelled as a long に.

Similarly the english word “itchy” is pronounced but not spelled いち

You’re supposed to memorise the these sounds and use them to remember how the Japanese words sound. You then write these Japanese sounds using hiragana, which is phonetic.

I’m not 100% sure what it is about this that you don’t understand… do you for instance know how to read all the hiragana?


Have you learned to read hiragana yet?
If you haven’t, I suggest you invest some time in learning it.
It is (by lack of a better comparison) part of the Japanese alphabet.
that way you will learn all the characters like に = ni, ね = ne, り = ri.
Mnemonics are tricks that will help you remember them, they aren’t the correct answer.
As such the kanji for power can be read as りき = riki, or りょく= ryoku.

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The mnemonic is only there to help you remember the onyomi. For Ricky, you would actually have to type in riki(りき).

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Apparently i got an email that tells me to learn that in advance.
I’m Sorry for the trouble and thank you for the help.


The correct readings were all there, regardless of what they say to help you remember them, so I’m not sure what the issue was. You know what the purpose of mnemonics is, right? They give you something you know, like how to say “knee” so that the abstract thing has something you can recall.

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I also want to suggest to you that when you’ve learned hiragana (which it’s been two weeks, I think it’s likely you have by now?) that you check out this thread in order to have an easier time inputting the reading answers:


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Thank you, it indeed is helpful! :slight_smile:

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