Reading manga for beginners

Hi, what manga would you say is good for beginners? What do you think about Oyasumi Punpun for example? What level in wanikani should I approximately be to understand them? (ignoring the grammar)

Thanks in advance, my first post here


I’m not familiar with おやすみプンプン, but I did just look up pictures of the manga. What stands out to me is the lack of furigana readings on the kanji.

The very first manga volume I ever read all the way through also did not have furigana. I bought it as an ebook, which let me use a computer program to convert the kanji from manga page images to computer text. With that, I could look up the reading and meaning. It was a very long process, and not one I’d recommend for most people.

The best question to consider is: how is your grammar? Have you started learning grammar yet? If so, how far have you gotten?

You may want to check out the Absolute Beginner Book Club. We’ve read a few manga (and some very simple children’s books), and there are discussion threads about the material:


A really easy manga to start with would be Chi’s Sweet Home, but honestly this message board has an ‘absolute beginner’s book club’ which has many books good for N5/N4ish level that they have read/are reading. I’d totally suggest stalking those forums and finding manga that seems interesting to you that way!
I’m not advanced grammar-wise by any means necessary at the moment, so sometimes I will read books that are a bit too hard for me, and I have to decide if i’m ok making anki decks for the vocab and looking up the grammar (and so on), only getting through 3-5 pages a day. Sometimes that’s worth it too if there’s a specific book you really want to sink your teeth into.
As long as there’s furigana which shouldn’t be an issue with most beginner manga, you shouldn’t have to reach a certain level in wanikani to read most manga!

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