Addon for Reading/meaning order

I have a few addon’s that I use, level sort, one by one, etc. However, when I’m going through I’ll have a groove going and Wanikani falls into either Reading or Meaning first and it’ll happen for maybe 10 in a row, then it switches and I’ll miss it as I’m hauling through putting in normally the Japanese reading into the English meaning. It’s a bit frustrating when I know the meaning but will easily miss 20 in a 200-300 review due to this happening. I kick myself go a bit slower but soon find myself hauling through again until I hit this same mistake.

Is there an addon that forces reading or meaning first in order, preferably reading first, that also will allow for one by one and level sorting?

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I find the override script useful in this kind of situation. It lets you ignore an answer and it’ll come around again later.

The Reorder Ultimate script allows you sort reviews how ever you want, which includes 1x1 mode with reading and then meaning. This is how I do my reviews.

How has your experience been before and after using the script?

I’ve been considering this since it’ll save a lot of time during reviews. However, I haven’t installed yet because I vaguely think that seeing the kanji and vocab twice per review is good for remembering.

Thank you I’ll give it a try!

I’ve had no problems with doing reviews this way. I do turn it off periodically to see if I’m doing any worse with them split up. Small deviation between the two that to me isn’t worth not having.

I think at the very least it’s improved my accuracy, and it certainly makes for easier reviews. When I see a kanji or vocab word, I enter the mindset for that particular word, envisioning reading first, and then meaning (even if I’m on the meaning review). This helps me to better associate that reading with that word and apply it more easily in other contexts (like reading or listening). @rfindley has explained its benefits before and could probably do a better job than what I’ve written here.

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I ended up bookmarking one of those explanations because it came up several times:


That’s interesting. I didn’t think about fluency. Having the reading pop-up before the translated meaning does make sense.

By chance, I have noticed myself doing this for jukugo vocabulary (because onyomi → jukugo is a powerful association), but it’s not always the case for kanji and other vocab. I do try to recite both reading+meaning regardless of the type of review, but you’ve made a good point about consciously recalling the reading before the meaning to improve fluency.

This was incredibly interesting with a lot of facts that honestly just make sense. Whenever I would get stuck on any kanji, I always did this as well, recall the reading to remember the meaning. Glad to realize there was an actual method to my madness in doing this. I took advantage of the reorder application mentioned above to put reading first (as I prefer). This has been a great help, thank you.

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