Reading 魔女の宅急便 (Witch's Delivery Service)

I’m aware there have been 2 (?) book clubs for this series already, but it will be the first book I’ll fully attempt to read in Japanese. I ordered the book yesterday and it will be here by Sep 4 at the latest, if you’d like to read along with me you can order it off of eBay for ~$20 USD, or if you can find it for cheaper then that’s cool too (I live in New Zealand so not many places ship here)!

It looks to be a fairly beginner friendly book, so if you’ve never read anything before this would be a good place to start I think! I’ll post interesting vocab and phrases I come across in this thread. There is also vocab lists (incomplete I think) in the previous book clubs if you’d want to use those, but I enjoy looking them up myself.



I’ll be watching. :eye::lips::eye:


I’ve been picking away at it off and on. I think at some point the vocab list from the club got scrambled. The words don’t always appear in the same order as in the book lol

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Not opposing your move here, but is there anything that speaks against using the existing threads for the book? If you add your information to the book club threads, there is a fair chance that many others will also benefit from your postings, while it’s not as visible here, I’m afraid.

Also, as you’re not really forming a book club with this post but rather want to read the book on your own and comment on it (at least that’s my understanding), I think it would be a better match to keep this thread in the “Reading” subcategory - what do you think?


Oh! I wanted to read this book too. Maybe we could do that together:).


It being their own thing is probably the case.
Their thread to post whatever they want even if it’s a bit off topic, etc.

I also disagree about it not being visible? It’s a new thread with the title of the book on it.

There have been a few of those lately, 進撃の巨人、 チェンソーマン、呪術廻戦、etc. And people interested have joined and even started reading it themselves.

At least speaking for myself, I have most book threads I don’t participate in muted, and a specific new thread for reading a book is more interesting and stand alone to me than joining an old book thread with 1k or so messages or something. (Not that I’ve checked this specific one.)


Oh yeah sure, like I said, I’m not opposing, rather curious here.

I thought about the long-term visibility. In a year or so this thread is not new any more. And if somebody turns to the book club threads (which happens, surprising as it is) they will not find this thread straight away. But that depends on what OP aims to achieve, I guess (i.e. whether they want it to be like a book club or rather like a private study log of sorts) :slight_smile: Don’t get me wrong, both are fine, but they have different strategies to them in my opinion.

進撃の巨人 is in Reading, not in Book Clubs (which is where I think this thread also belongs). チェーンソーマン does not even have its own thread? Or is the forum search broken. I just found a few mentions in the tadoku thread. And 呪術廻戦 looks like a proper book club (with a very small number of members but hey).

That’s the same for me, but I generally have those book clubs that I once participated in in Watching :woman_shrugging: So if OP has a question I’m more likely to see it if it’s posted in an existing book club thread, that’s for sure. (But then again, I don’t use the “newest posts” list while other people use that a lot, so it’s likely that I’m the outlier here :sweat_smile:).

Anyways, like I said, with my first question I was mainly curious to hear what made OP create a new thread although they know about the book clubs, but I would really prefer if this thread could go to the Reading category, just like e.g. Attack on Titan.


ahh チェンソーマン and 呪術廻戦 are both me, i started out with js chainsaw man but wanted to branch out and read more so i js renamed it as my reading thread


That depends on whether OP keeps reading this/other stuff in this thread. :stuck_out_tongue:

Also, you’re right that people wouldn’t find it if they only look at the book clubs, but if they search the title, it’ll show up.

This one used to have the title, but it was changed to be a thread for the OP to read more than one manga. So they changed the title.

I also meant this thread: デンジはまた読んでる — denji’s reading thread

I agree on the category, depending on if they want to start their own club or just read it by themselves.

I was also just trying to say why I think they did it, even though I’m not OP. :sweat_smile:

@anon12500920 go add the titles in Japanese so they show up in the search :eyes:


does that work? as i read more i dont want the title to get to long though

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Yes, I meant in the body of the first post so that it wouldn’t be so long. :stuck_out_tongue:


oh alr lmao i forgot that shows up in search too

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Ahahah so you hid them from me? How mean :angry:

Fair :crazy_face:

Ah I see! I was referring to 呪術廻戦 0 (Jujutsu Kaisen 0) though :joy_cat:

And that, dear attendees, nicely illustrates my point :grin:



I definitely see what you’re saying here but I think I’d prefer to run my own sort of thing, seems as though there are at least a couple of people who are interested anyway. I have no idea nor am I too bothered by what category it’s in, if you have some way to change that by all means do so.

My copy is said to arrive on Sep 4th at the latest, and I will start another thread and link it in the body of this thread when that happens. I plan to put down ALL vocab (even vocab covered by WK) for the first volume sorted by chapter. If you want to help me do so and/or read along with me then let me know, it would be really cool! And anyone else who sees this and wants to read feel free to join in too!