呪術廻戦 0 (Jujutsu Kaisen 0)

Welcome to 呪術廻戦 0 (Jujutsu Kaisen 0)

Hi everyone,
The movie Jujutsu Kaisen 0 will be released worldwide in mid March, so a few of us are interested in reading the manga beforehand (plus, it won’t hurt to learn the history/prequel for the upcoming Season 2 in 2023!).


We’ll read this as part of the Miscellaneous Book Club.
Based on what we’ve read so far, this manga could be considered a Beginner level reading. Check out the Beginner Book Club to check other typical beginner-level books there.

Want to take part? Just buy the book and join in the discussion.
You can check out the free ebook sample, and remember that as fellow readers we’re here to help each other and the vocab sheet will be here to help you out.

Buying the book

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Reading Schedule (current plan)

Reading chapters Page numbers Reading start date Read aloud
Ch 1 / 1st half 5 - 30 Feb 23 Feb 27
Ch 1 / 2nd half 31 - 58 Feb 28 Mar 6
Ch 2 / 1st half 59 - 82 Mar 7 Mar 13
Ch 2 / 2nd half 83 - 104 Mar 14 Mar 20
Ch 3 105 - 150 Mar 21 Mar 27
Last chapter 151 - 199 Mar 28 Apr 4

Vocabulary List

Please read the editing guidelines in the first sheet before adding words.

Discussion Rules

  • Please use spoiler tags for major events in the current chapter(s) and any content in future chapters.
  • When asking for help, please mention the chapter and page number.
  • Don’t be afraid of asking questions, even if they seem embarrassing at first. All of us are here to learn.
  • To you lurkers out there: Join the conversation, it’s fun! :books:

Read Aloud

We plan to read together on Sundays and the next one would be on Sunday, February 27, 2022 5:30 PM. It will be on the the discord channel Japanese Book Club

Character Sign Up for Read Aloud

  • Sign up for a character for the read aloud here
  • Roles are first-come, first-serve

|name|furigana|description|Chapter 4|
|乙骨 優太|おっこつ|Okkotsu :crossed_swords: :fearful:|rainy|
|五条 悟|ごじょ|Gojo sensei :speaking_head: :dark_sunglasses:|dmner|
|真希 禪院|まき|Maki :hocho: :dagger:|*–|
||パンダ|Panda :panda_face: :teddy_bear:|Juice|
|狗巻 棘|とげ|Toge :rice_ball: :sushi:|
|祈本 里香|りか|Rika :scream: :japanese_ogre:|*rainy|
|伊地知|いじち|Ijichi :eyeglasses: :oncoming_automobile:|*dmner|
|夏油 傑|げとう|Getou :tooth: :supervillain:|Juice|
|||Getou’s various cronies|–|

*fewer lines

Read aloud Ch 3

|name|furigana|description|Chapter 3|
|乙骨 優太|おっこつ|Okkotsu :crossed_swords: :fearful:|Juice|
|五条 悟|ごじょ|Gojo sensei :speaking_head: :dark_sunglasses:|rainy|
|真希 禪院|まき|Maki :hocho: :dagger:|–|
||パンダ|Panda :panda_face: :teddy_bear:|
|狗巻 棘|とげ|Toge :rice_ball: :sushi:|*Juice|
|夜蛾 正道|がくちょう|School principal :rage: :sunglasses:|dmner|
|伊地知|いじち|Ijichi :eyeglasses: :oncoming_automobile:|rainy|
|夏油 傑|げとう|Getou :tooth: :supervillain:|dmner|
|||Getou’s various cronies|rainy|
|||mother & daughter, other characters|

Read aloud Ch 2.2

|name|furigana|description|Chapter 2.2|
|乙骨 優太|おっこつ|Okkotsu :crossed_swords: :fearful:|rainy|
|五条 悟|ごじょ|Gojo sensei :speaking_head: :dark_sunglasses:|Juice|
|真葵 禪院|まき|Maki :hocho: :dagger:|
||パンダ|Panda :panda_face: :teddy_bear:|Juice|
|狗巻 棘|とげ|Toge :rice_ball: :sushi:|dmner|
|伊地知|いじち|Ijichi :eyeglasses: :oncoming_automobile:|
|夏油 傑|げとう|Getou :tooth: :supervillain:|*dmner|

*fewer lines

Read aloud Ch 2.1

|name|furigana|description|Chapter 2.1|
|乙骨 優太|おっこつ|Okkotsu :crossed_swords: :fearful:|Juice|
|五条 悟|ごじょ|Gojo sensei :speaking_head: :dark_sunglasses:|rainy|
|真葵 禪院|まき|Maki :hocho: :dagger:|–|
||パンダ|Panda :panda_face: :teddy_bear:|dmner|
|狗巻 棘|とげ|Toge :rice_ball: :sushi:|*rainy|
|伊地知|いじち|Ijichi :eyeglasses: :oncoming_automobile:|Juice|
|||old guy in temple|dmner2|

*fewer lines

Read aloud Ch 1.2

|name|furigana|description|Chapter 1.2|
|乙骨 優太|おっこつ|Okkotsu :crossed_swords: :fearful:|solecismo|
|五条 悟|ごじょ|Gojo sensei :speaking_head: :dark_sunglasses:|dmner|
|真葵 禪院|まき|Maki :hocho: :dagger:|rainy|
|||little boy|–|
|祈本 里香|りか|Rika :scream: :japanese_ogre:|
|||other creature|*–|

*fewer lines

Read aloud Ch 1.1

|name|furigana|description|Chapter 1.1|
|乙骨 優太|おっこつ|Okkotsu :crossed_swords: :fearful:|rainy|
|五条 悟|ごじょ|Gojo sensei :speaking_head: :dark_sunglasses:|dmner|
|真葵 禪院|まき|Maki :hocho: :dagger:|Juice|
||パンダ|Panda :panda_face: :teddy_bear:|solecismo|
|狗巻 棘|とげ|Toge :rice_ball: :sushi:|*–|
|祈本 里香|りか|Rika :scream: :japanese_ogre:|solecismo (if no one else wants her/joins!)|

*fewer lines

Poll (that we did at the start of forum)

Quick Poll

I understand it’s a super short notice, but feel free to vote if you’d like.

[poll name=poll2 type=regular results=on_vote chartType=bar]
  • I will read and join the read aloud (including just listen in)
  • I will read, but not the read aloud
  • Not my cup of tea
[/ [poll ]

I’ll probably tag along for this and for the read-along as well! :cherry_blossom:

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Probably good to know that this work was done before JJK, but they renamed it when JJK took off. That said they take place in the same universe and this part ties in later with the main series.

You can either start with it or if you’ve watched the first season of the anime after that is also a good place.


I’d love to see a poll so people can vote that they’re participating :durtle_the_explorer: Easier to see how much interest there is, too.


Yay! See you there @solecismo :grinning:

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Can I join even though I’m level 4??
Edit: I’ve read it in English already so I think I might be able to figure it out from context, even if I don’t know all the words (:


Ah, that’s good to know. Thanks for sharing the info @Thud
Didn’t know this was made before JJK. Some names were mentioned in Season 1 so curiosity won, plus the movie is releasing outside JP soon.

Do you read the manga series? I don’t, but considering it. I’m looking forward to Season 2 though have to wait a while, I suppose with the pandemic, etc., longer production time is inevitable :upside_down_face:

Poll is up. Thanks for the suggestion @Redglare
Maybe I should’ve put up the poll from the beginning, but better late than never :grinning:
This is a super short notice to the reading schedule, but hopefully the discussion and vocab sheet would help anyone interested in reading even if they can’t make the schedule.

For sure, come join us @NeecyWizzle !
Some of us are part of another WK beginner book club, Haikyuu!, so I’d say don’t worry. We’ll help out each other, and more important is we’ll make it fun :v:

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Hi Community Moderators @Mods,
Please help convert this post 呪術廻戦 0 (Jujutsu Kaisen 0) into a wiki. I don’t have the level to do it. Thanks so much for your help!

Ahhh on second thoughts I don’t believe I can join! I can’t afford to buy it and my parent’s won’t, so I suppose I’ll be cheering you all on from the sidelines!

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Yeah, I read the manga and this one after I watched the anime. Although that was in English, I have not checked how difficult it is in Japanese. I really love how even the kanji of the title feels like it’s cursed and warped.

It’s also one of my favorite titles I’m following at the moment, which is pretty high praise coming from me. This prequel series definitely adds on it, although some parts are a bit rougher in art than the main series.

I’ll have to think about joining for a read.


Sure! That post is now a wiki.


I agree!! It’s really dynamic and special and odd, and I love it

I definitely agree with that statement- I’m very fond of JJK’s pacing and storyline (it’s my current favorite) so reading 0 was a must for me and I’m glad I did! It’s a bonus and I can’t wait to see the movie. Gege really developed a lot art-wise, from 0 to regular Jujutsu Kaisen :thinking:


I recently read the first 8 or so volumes of JJK while they were free on bookwalker and wouldn’t say they are all that different in difficulty from other shonen jump series! Maybe a bit more vocab that ハイキュー but otherwise similar.

Tempted to read and take part in the thread, though I’m also very far behind on all bookclubs I am in including ハイキュー so who knows haha.


Hi everyone, the character sign up for Chapter 1.1 read aloud is up. Pls scroll up to the top post.

If you’d like to read a character – The top post is a Wiki, so you can edit/add your name in the space.

If you just want to listen it, come and join us on Discord this Sunday. You don’t need to sign up for a character if you prefer not too. @seanblue had awesomely set up a voice channel for us on Discord, so Shout out & Thanks :tada:.

@sycamore - Good to see you here! :smiley: Thanks for the ebook promo info, I will check it out if it’s still on. Ebook Japan had a promo for this volume not too long ago, maybe it’s still on? Hope to see you sometime in the read aloud :wave::

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@rainysunday thanks for putting all of this up. Love the corresponding emoji at the reading list. :smiley:

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I got a vocab question about the usage:
p. 18
Maki: ここは呪いを学ぶだ。呪われてる奴がくるじゃねーよ。
I’m wondering why she’s using 場 in the first sentence and 所 in the second one as they’re both relating to their school here.


I think 場 is used when talking about a physical place -in this case, the school-, whereas 所 can be used more widely when talking about an instance or a situation, and it’s often used as part of a grammar point (dropping the kanji, as ところ). They’re pretty much interchangeable here, it’s just a small nuance that makes 所 fit better in the second part of the sentence, I think!


Just go for it! You never know until you try!

(ノ>ω<)ノ :。・::・゚’★,。・::・゚’☆

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Yea, everyone is always welcome to join the read aloud just to listen @NeecyWizzle :smiley: