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4月1日 | Home post

Read today:

  • アオハライド (4) (pp. 0-46)
  • DoBJG: で (2); で (3)

April 1st. Home post
Re-reading a few pages from スーパーカブ and a little from Island.

Excited to start this challenge! Hope to see some improvement in my reading abilities by the end of the challenge!


April 1st
For the first day (don’t know if I will make updates every day or weekly) I’ve read (again) the 2 first chapters of 少女終末旅行. I love the art style, and the way the faces are drawn is just too funny.
When I feel lost I often use this website that I’ve seen here on another post (don’t remember exactly which topic it was) : ichi.moe, it’s SO useful, really helps a lot with DeepL on another tab.

Reading japanese always feel like magic to me, even simple sentences are beautiful because of the writing :sweat_smile:


Home Post

Happy April everyone!

Previously, I’ve gotten to page 22 of 原罪物語, but I decided to go back and start from the beginning to take vocab notes. I am still planning on reading things that are also easier, but today I had/have a lot of things to get done, so I didn’t want to scramble to search for material. This is also an excellent opportunity to write down vocab which I’ve been meaning to do.

Reading Type Status
:smiling_imp: 原罪物語 -罪- LN 5/252
Vocab I had to look up
  • 預言者(よげんしゃ) = prophet
  • 断片的(だんぺんてき) = fragmentary
  • 記憶(きおく) = memory, wk48
  • 孤児院(こじいん) = orphanage, wk54
  • 雷(かみなり) = lightning, wk44
  • 啓示(けいじ) = revelation, wk53
  • 遺産(いさん) = inheritance, legacy wk36
  • 神竜(かみりゅう) = divine dragons
  • 神(かみ)の御子(みこ) = children of god
  • 文明(ぶんめい) = civilization
  • 継承(けいしょう) = succession, wk36
  • 頂点(ちょうてん) = apex, top
  • 君臨(くんりん) = reigning
  • 捨(す)てる = to throw away, wk32
  • 所詮(しょせん) = after all
  • 傀儡(かいらい) = puppet
  • 支配(しはい) = rule, domination
  • 配下(はいか) = followers
  • 愚者(ぐしゃ) = fools
  • 為(な)す = to establish
  • 小瓶(こびん) = small bottle, bottle is wk51
  • 映(うつ)し出(だ)す = to project, to reflect
  • 意志(いし) = will, wk32
  • 双子(ふたご) = twins, wk42
  • 抱(だ)く = to hug, wk37

四月一日・Home Post

I read half of スーと鯛ちゃん, which was really adorable. I had far too much fun saying all the cat noises. It’s a very easy manga so I probably should save it for when I’m having an off day, if I don’t I’ll finish it tomorrow.

I also read ten pages of チョコっとちょこちゃん to finish the 5th chapter. Not really a fan of the art style or the plot. But I don’t hate it and I can understand what’s going on.


:cherry_blossom::sunny::memo: 4月 1日

Book Natively Progress Type
:closed_book: 新にほんご 500問 N2 Lv 33 43% → 50% JLPT
:mechanical_arm: 鋼の錬金術師 (FMA) Lv 30 55% → 63% Manga

IT BEGINS! :fairy::sparkles:

The start of a new reading challenge always fills me with the same sort of excitement that the new year does, anything is possible! My foremost goal during this challenge is to choose and stick with a full-length novel. I’ll likely add that to my Current list over the coming days. I have an insane amount of life-stuff looming overhead, so I won’t get too ambitious, but I’m always excited to read more ^–^

See you next time!

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Date Name Type Amount Time
2024-04-01 :books: 本好きの下剋上第一部6 :green_book: Manga :arrow_forward: Chapter 25
:page_facing_up: 52 pages
:hourglass: 0h25m

First reading update of the year! A physical manga session today, picking up the first chapter of volume 6 of the part 1 本好き manga.


Nice! If you get tired of that pace or want to chat about it, there’s a book club starting soon :slight_smile:


:bug: April 1st :horse_racing:

I had a great time reading JoJo :dagger: for club and I was really surprised to learn on this readthrough that Speedwagon is well travelled in his youth?! Like apparently he’s been to Africa, Asia, and the Caribbean already.

I finally picked up Nausicaa :bug: again (although it’s been in my reading pile for the past 3 or so months at least). I’m feeling determined to finish it off so I can reclaim the shelf space. There are a few series that I want to keep together and there is just barely not enough room for them.

I had the idea to make Smoking :smoking: bathroom reading. Since the scenes are so short, I’m thinking that if I keep it in my bathroom that I’ll go through it faster than otherwise. Hopefully this setup works well and my protective cover will keep it dry. If it works out, I’ll continue Not a Guy :musical_note: and probably Women’s Clothing :dress: that way.


I participated in the Winter Challenge and I noticed that it worked. I kept reading. I want to keep the momentum going……

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Reading material


2 April | Jintor’s Study Log

:question: Title Type Natively Progress
:candy: 不思議駄菓子屋1 book 24 71% → 79%
:cat2: また、同じ夢を見ていた book 25 52% (no change)
:rock: ダンジョン飯5 manga 29 56% (no change)
  • The week’s read for 駄菓子屋, finishing the story. Nearly done with the whole book!
:star: 01月01日 Type Progress
:owl: ハリーポッタと賢者の石 prose 11% → 13%

It doesn’t look like much but I read this for sooo long today :melting_face: At least I get to start the challenge off strong with a binge reading day. Wanted to make some goals for the challenge but I’m too tired right now so it’ll have to wait :sleeping:


2nd april

read the next chapter of no.6 vol 3, イヌカシ is growing on me as a character. also read the intermediate difficulty thing for the renshuu book club (pretty sure it was you @DIO-Berry who mentioned the club?) which was about a girl who goes into the land of the dead to get her rabbit back. enjoyed it! art’s really good. (content warnings ofc for animal death and grief). also some more stuff on pixiv cos i have way too many tabs open

today’s nhk article was this one (another short one), and read the entries on すぐ and たびに in aDoIJG

words that stood out

No. 6:
責(せ)め苦(く) - torture, pains of hell. jp definition adds 責めさいなまれる苦しみ。
詭弁(きべん) - sophistry


Yay! I’m glad you’re enjoying it :smiley:


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Q2 of 2024 | Week 1

4月2日 (火)

  • 紡ぐ乙女と大正の月 Vol.4 (58-100%) end series

  • :cn: Three Kingdoms 1 (3-5/16)

  • DIJG : 到頭

  • STEINS;GATE 比翼恋理のだーりん

Words of the day
  • 危(あや)ぶむ = to doubt; to fear. Like something 危(あや)うい. There is also 危(あぶ)ながる which is 危(あぶ)ない + ~がる.
  • 出鼻(でばな)をくじく = to kill the starting enthusiasm. Think of é¼»(はな) as 端(はな)から => 出端(でばな)を挫(くじ)く. Also 出鼻(でばな)を折(お)る.
  • パリピ(.) = パーリーピーポー = パーティーピープル = “party people”; frequent partygoers :tada:


4月2日 | Home post

Only a small reading session today, between getting home from work and going to a birthday dinner.

  • アオハライド (4) (pp. 47-65)
  • DoBJG: で (4); でも

April 2nd | Home post

5000 words of the VN Island (with the WK VN book club) plus re-reading the first chapter of スーパーカブ’. I want to keep up with the Bunpro book club too, even though the book is way above my level. Still enjoying the challenge.


:cherry_blossom: :teapot: Home Post and thread


:parrot: ジャングルから脱出せよ - Jungle Escape, 3 pages.
If I keep on like this, I might catch up with the book club by the end of the week :crossed_fingers:


:bookmark: Home post // April 2 :cherry_blossom: :dango: :seedling:

・ ワケあり男装令嬢、ライバルから求婚される〈上〉(80% → 100%)
・ ワケあり男装令嬢、ライバルから求婚される〈下〉(0% → 4%)

Finished the first book. Spent one week, I’m pretty happy about that. Seems like I have a tendency to read romance books faster (like with わたしの幸せな結婚), at least compared to the pace when I was reading Silent Witch or 薬屋のひとりごと.


Home Post


Today is busier than expected so I’m not getting as much reading as done as I hoped. It’s really helpful to write down vocab as I look it up. I’m not looking up 元老院 every single time now.

Reading Type Status
:smiling_imp: 原罪物語 -罪- LN 7/252
New Vocab
  • 蛇(へび) = snake, wk48
  • 踏(ふ)み潰(つぶ)す = to trample
  • 掴(つか)み取(と)る = to grasp
  • 元老院(げんろういん) = senate
  • 拾(ひろ)い食(ぐ)い = scavenging for food
  • みっともない = shameful
  • 小便(しょうべん) = urine
  • 浄化装置(じょうかそうち) = purifier
  • 飲(のみ)み水(ず) = drinkable water/potable water (I love when words are sensible)
  • 悩(なや)ます = to afflict, to torment
  • 叡智(えいち) =英知(えいち) = wisdom
  • 眉(まゆ) = eyebrow
  • 慈悲(じひ) = compassion, benevolence
  • 敏感(びんかん) = sensitive, wk40
  • お告(つ)げ = oracle
  • é ·(うなず)く = to nod