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Date Name Type Amount Time
2024-04-08 :supervillain: セーラー服と機関銃 :closed_book: Novel :arrow_forward: Chapter 2-1
:computer: 30 → 35%
:page_facing_up: 15 pages
:hourglass: 0h45m

Today I read up to this week’s chapter in the IBC and it turns out our main character has the self preservation instincts of a lemming. Also someone abducted kenji?


9 April | Study Log

:question: Title Type Natively Progress
:dragon: 葬送のフリーレン 2 manga 25 41% → 61%
:cat2: また、同じ夢を見ていた book 25 54% (no change)
:rock: ダンジョン飯5 manga 29 87% (no change)
:candy: 不思議駄菓子屋1 book 24 79% (no change)
  • I intended to read 不思議駄菓子屋 this morning on the train but I was pretty wonky and only just managed to finish my daily SRS, so just taking it easy with more フリーレン for now.

I’m done! I did it! I finally finished コンビニ人間 and I’m free! It’s funny we were reading 24k characters a week for 999, and yet somehow this ~60k long book took me ages. Amazing what being interested in the material can do.

I may have missed three reading days so far (50% success rate :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: ) but it’s okay because I managed to eek out the last of this book.

Now I’ve got to finish Adabana this weekend, and I’m almost halfway thru my bingo card. I’ll commit to finishing the Digimon manga series and one book by the end of this challenge…but should it be 本好き, トリニティ・ブラッド, 転生したらスライムだった件, or 後宮の検屍女官? Honestly I went on a ebook buying spree so I have dozens of options, but I also own the audiobooks for 本好き and てんすら. OTOH 宮の検屍女官 is something I’ve never read in English but the vocab is probably mostly unknown to me.


I read one level 0 Tadoku story. Felt less intimidating and lighter-hearted than reading a NHK NewsWebEasy article yesterday.


:motor_scooter: back to my home post

:star: 04月08日 Type Progress
:girl: ABBC 老女的少女ひなたちゃん manga 17% → 22%
:owl: ハリーポッタと賢者の石 prose 15% → 16%

Read a bit of HP over the weekend but only a few lines a day tbh so I didn’t post. Today was this week’s section of hinata-chan and a chunk of HP. I think 1% of HP is more than one print page but I haven’t been paying attention to the page numbers because I’m reading digitally. Starting to see a lot of improvement in remembering vocab that’s often repeated in the prose.


9th april i keep wanting to write january, why

read just over 20 pages of the bakumatsu book which took me to the end of section five. section six is the last one! also read the intermediate difficulty renshuu book club pick, which is a short story about a man talking to his daughter about his time in tokyo in his youth. was fine? no strong feelings either way. full furigana tho

today’s nhk article was this one, plus the entry on 点(てん)で in aDoIJG

word of the day: ごわす - kyuushuu dialect for ‘to be’ (polite, like ござる・ございます)


:bug: April 8th :horse_racing:


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Q2 of 2024 | Week 2

4月9日 (火)

  • :cn: Three Kingdoms 2 (4-6/30)

  • クプルムの花嫁 Vol.1 (83%) - Vol.2 (16%)

  • DIJG : ~得る

  • STEINS;GATE 比翼恋理のだーりん

Used the choice branch (Mail List) menu, instead of following the walkthrough. If something major is missing, like an ending, I will reconsider later.

Plugged in a joypad to avoid breaking the laptop keyboard. Press A repeatedly, as SKIP is disastrous and default to not making a choice. Learned how to use a joypad, as the game is keyboard shortcuts first.

Audio is not cut on the next line (pressing A) if the following line is not spoken. Nor does it pause on hiding the written text (enjoying the CG). Indeed, this counts as a listening practice with optional reading of the backlog (pressing Y).

Words of the day
  • いぶし銀(ぎん) = oxidized silver. Also, well trained, polished but quiet and restrained :ninja:
  • 騒々(そうぞう)しい = boisterous; noisy
  • 何卒(なにとぞ)よろしく = please kindly. In an author’s note, without Furigana.


April 9 | Home post

Lots of reading today. Two VNs (Island and Christmas Tina) plus the novel スーパーカブ

Christmas Tina doesn’t work too well with Textractor, so I had to spend some time finding an alternative. Luna Host seems OK for now. Not perfect, but OK.


:cherry_blossom: :teapot: Home Post and thread


:jar: The Jam Maker on Satori Reader, episodes 24 to 27.
The story is beginning to tug at my heartstrings as a teacher and a single mom :smiling_face_with_tear:


:bookmark: Home post // April 9 :cherry_blossom: :dango: :seedling:

・ ワケあり男装令嬢、ライバルから求婚される〈下〉(72% → 88%)

Almost done with this book. I want to start Saikawa and Moe book 8 next, the book club has reached the middle already.


4月9日 | Home post

A shorter read today, since it’s already late and I finished another volume of アオハライド :grin:

  • アオハライド (5) (pp. 171-192)
  • DoBJG: 行く (2); いる (1); いる (2) (24%)

:house: home post :house:
:calendar: 2024年4月9日 :calendar:

:question: Title Read today Currently at Notes
:orange_book: Secret 2 episodes 68/98 —
:bust_in_silhouette: シャドーハウス 3 chapters 54/175
シャドーハウス Chapter 51

It’s the little things!



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Date Name Type Amount Time
2024-04-09 :books: 本好きの下剋上第一部7 :green_book: Manga :arrow_forward: Chapter 30-31
:page_facing_up: 80 pages
:hourglass: 0h35m

First two chapters of the final volume of part 1 of the Bookworm manga.

Apparently Natively is not having a good day, so can’t log my progress there.


I read two level 1 stories.


四月九日・Home Post

Read another chapter of ちょこちゃん and this Lv2 Tadoku book, ヴィトリアレジア ブラジル先住民のお話から.


:hibiscus: :tulip: :cherry_blossom: Kageness’ home post :cherry_blossom: :tulip: :hibiscus:

Fifth time participating! I was pretty busy with school and stuff so I couldn’t keep it consistent last season but I plan to increase my reading both in Japanese and academically! I’ll take it slow as always.

my plans

I want to increase the games I play in Japanese and also increase my reading speed.

I’ll use my standart format which I write a sentence or two in Japanese about the progress on the novel I read that day so that might help you get some reading even when you’re scrolling here.

Planned Books:
:bookmark: :fork_and_knife:いのちの食べ方 2 - 3/ How to Eat Life

⌂ = いない

April Notes

April Reading Updates :bug::

Recent Update: Date Book
中間試験の後一週間のんびりして休憩します。 4/1-7 X
2-2に着いた。 4/8 いのちの食べ方2
最近天気がいいから自転車を出そうかな。 4/9 いのちの食べ方2
学校のレポートも書かなきゃ。 4/10 いのちの食べ方2
2-3に着いた。 4/11 いのちの食べ方2
外国から友達が来たから彼と時間を過ごします。 4/12-14 X
読み続けます。 4/15 いのちの食べ方2
学校で忙しかったから長い間休憩しなきゃならなかった。 4/16-22 X
長い間の後読み続けます。また忙しくならなければいいけど。 4/23 いのちの食べ方2
四月にもっと頑張ります。 4/24 いのちの食べ方2
四月はここまでにします全然読まなかった。 4/25-30 X
:cherries: :strawberry: Apr :strawberry: :cherries:
月 火 水 木 金 土 日
01[⌂] 02[⌂] 03[⌂] 04[⌂] 05[⌂] 06[⌂] 07[⌂]
08 09 10 11 12[⌂] 13[⌂] 14[⌂]
15 16[⌂] 17[⌂] 18[⌂] 19[⌂] 20[⌂] 21[⌂]
22[⌂] 23 24 25[⌂] 26[⌂] 27[⌂] 28[⌂]
29[⌂] 30[⌂]
April Reading Updates
:spiral_calendar: Date :books: Book/Text :memo: Pages
April 8 いのちの食べ方2 4
April 9 いのちの食べ方2 5
April 10 いのちの食べ方2 5
April 11 いのちの食べ方2 5
April 15 いのちの食べ方2 5
April 23 いのちの食べ方2 5
April 24 いのちの食べ方2 6

May Reading Updates :honeybee::

Recent Update: Date Book
学校はまた忙しくなったけど明日からは毎日書くことにします。 5/1-5 いのちの食べ方2
三日休憩。 5/6-8 X
2-5に着いた。 5/9 いのちの食べ方2
四割くらい残ってると思います。 5/10 いのちの食べ方2
第三章に着いた。 5/11 いのちの食べ方2
三日休憩。 5/12-14 X
三日で五ページしか読むできなかったからちょっと恥ずかしい。 5/15-17 いのちの食べ方2
一日休憩。 5/18 X
これから勉強のためまた長く休憩するかもしれません。 5/19-20 いのちの食べ方2
三日休憩。それと今日は誕生日です! 5/21-23 X
早く夏休みに入りたい。 5/24 いのちの食べ方2
:rose: :white_flower: May :white_flower: :rose:
月 火 水 木 金 土 日
01 02 03 04 05
06[⌂] 07[⌂] 08[⌂] 09 10 11 12[⌂]
13[⌂] 14[⌂] 15 16 17 18[⌂] 19
20 21[⌂] 22[⌂] 23[⌂] 24 25 26
27 28 29 30
May Reading Updates
:spiral_calendar: Date :books: Book/Text :memo: Pages
May 1-5 いのちの食べ方2 20
May 9 いのちの食べ方2 3
May 10 いのちの食べ方2 8
May 11 いのちの食べ方2 7
May 15-17 いのちの食べ方2 5
May 19-20 いのちの食べ方2 5
May 24 いのちの食べ方2 3

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10 April | Study Log

:question: Title Type Natively Progress
:candy: 不思議駄菓子屋1 book 24 79% → 84%
:dragon: 葬送のフリーレン 2 manga 25 61% (no change)
:cat2: また、同じ夢を見ていた book 25 54% (no change)
:rock: ダンジョン飯5 manga 29 87% (no change)
  • Did my 不思議駄菓子屋 reading for the week. Again with the occasional lack of kanji…
  • May try and finish フレーレン2 today or tomorrow.

April 9th!

2 chapters of それでも歩は寄せてくる today.
I only have 2 more chapters left of volume 1 now, so I’m trying to decide whether to carry on to volume 2, or try something else. I’m enjoying it, but I have a fair bit of free time at the moment so I’m thinking I might save reading this until I need something with short chapters that I can read quickly, and make the most of my extra time right now by reading something a bit more challenging.

(Home Post)


Week 1 update for the Spring Reading Challenge!

April 1 - 7, 2024

I haven’t been able to update everyday but I’ve been able to read everyday so far! The last three nights, I’ve been reading at the end of the day because of a lot of errands on the weekend related to moving.

What I read:

  • 2 episodes of the Jam maker
  • 2 weeks of Little Granny Hinata Chan (second time to read through week 2 and 3 for parsing)
  • 2 easy news articles and 2 intermediate news articles on Hola Que Pasa!

Awwww. I love stories like this! Nice to know it progresses that way. You’re 20 episodes ahead of me now! Now I feel like I need to catch up with you. :sweat_smile: Definitely a slow start but those first couple of episodes got me really imagining the smell of bread in the morning.