📚📚 Read every day challenge - Winter 2023 ☃❄

Jan 27, Fri of Week 5 of Winter Q1 2023 :snowman::snowflake:

  • はたらく細胞 Black Vol.5 Ch.25-27 (start volume)

  • うたわれるもの

Words of the day
  • かさぶた = scab; crust. A Kanji form is 瘡蓋(かさぶた).
  • フェーズ(.) = phase (stage; position). Compare with フェース = faith / face.
  • 潤(うる)む = to become wet. Compare 潤(うるお)う which has different conjugations.
  • 慎(つつ)ましい = modest. A verb using this Kanji is 慎(つつし)む.
  • 壊疽(えそ) = gangrene. For the first Kanji, another word that use this reading (rather than カイ) is 壊死(えし) = (cellular) necrosis.
  • 見所(みどころ) = good point; promising qualities
  • 老害(ろうがい) = problems caused by older people. The old man has too much hope, in this case.
  • 欺瞞(ぎまん) = deception
  • 造詣(ぞうけい) = profound knowledge
  • 金塊(きんかい) = gold nugget
  • 義賊(ぎぞく) = chivalrous thief
  • 私腹(しふく)を肥(こ)やす = to fill one’s pocket by taking advantage of a position


  • ひょっこり = suddenly
  • のたのた = slowing moving; idling away time
  • チカチカ = twinkling; flickering


  • è©£(もう)でる

    • attain knowledge
    • ケイ
    • 造詣(ぞうけい),     参詣(さんけい)
    • è©£(もう)でる
    • 初詣(はつもう)で
  • え疽(ソ)

    • necrosis
    • ソ
      • 壊疽(えそ),     脱疽(だっそ),     炭疽病(たんそびょう)
  • 塊(かたまり) (Level 45)

    • lump
    • カイ
      • 金塊(きんかい),     氷塊(ひょうかい),     団塊(だんかい),     肉塊(にくかい)
    • くれ
      • 土塊(つちくれ),     石塊(いしくれ)
    • 石塊(いしころ)

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Day 25-26 Progress: スロー ループ - 38-47話 六巻完成!!!

Whenever I get stuck on an exceedingly simple, beginner-level sentence I just get kind of drained and demoralized because it never feels like I can write it off as not having enough practice but that I’m just actually dumb. I know it’s not productive to ruminate and better to just move on but it’s hard…

On another note, I’m about to catch up with Slow Loop tankoubons… I know I’m going to have to return to 天使様 one of these days but if anyone has any SOL/romance manga without English translations they’d like to recommend I’m all ears.

Word of the Day: 濾過ろか - filtration; filtering; percolation. Couldn’t think of another word so I decided to choose another word that ruined my day (and my comprehension) with dumb mazegaki by often being written ろ過… just why…


:snowflake: Day 27, 27th of January :snowflake:

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In today’s first story some elf is being attacked by zombies. While looking for their goat friend they fight a demon. Somehow the latter is more anticlimactic.

In the next story we look at the composition of the armies of the king and the evil wizard.


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➳ January 27th.

What: 風のクロノア
Pages: ?
Time: 25 minutes

Haven’t posted in a minute, but I’ve been reading a little bit every day. Did some more Klonoa today even though I’m absolutely exhausted.


Please look at this little guy wearing his lil glasses steering his strange little contraption :sob:

Klonoa spoilers

I remember Klonoa 2 being kinda dark and contemplative at times, but – I did not expect a DEATH in this game :fearful: So brutal, too!! I’m discovering context for a game I played like twenty years ago. No wonder Klonoa hates Joker…

In other news… This week has been so wild for me. To make a long story short, I’m going to Japan for work in a couple months :exploding_head: My motivation to study has skyrocketed and I’m so excited about it.


January 27 :heavy_check_mark: :dancer: :zzz:

おばちゃんたちのいるところ , 83-86%

死体は眠らない , 24-30%

Today I read the second story of this week’s Wild Ladies. Two more stories (and weeks) to go!
And I resumed reading 死体は眠らない, which I had last read more than a dozen days ago. I had forgotten most of the names, but thankfully not the plot, complicated and absurd as it is.


oh ofc it is, 教える is literally right above it :sob: i discounted it cos they were written slightly differently, bad decision

oops. can see it now tho!

would make sense in context!

i did try this, but nothing that looked right came up. actually, i don’t remember seeing any of these here, even though i went through a couple of pages :sweat_smile: maybe i just skipped over them :thinking:

that makes sense! for some reason i thought 安 was the radical at the bottom (unlikely, i know) and that definitely tripped me up.

thanks to you both!! this was really helpful :slight_smile: time to go, uh, add some more fonts to jitai :joy:


January 27th

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Aria: the masterpiece volume 3 – progress report
Yesterday: Read up to page 187 of Card Captor Sakura, finished chapter 34 and volume 8.
Today: Resumed reading Aria volume 3 from chapter 24 (page 110) and read up to page 115.

I picked up Aria again and will continue reading it until I finish volume 3. As always, I get startled when going back to Aria because the amount of words I need to look up increases quite a bit compared to Sakura.


Word or expression of the day:
疎い - (うとい) - poorly informed, unfamiliar, ignorant​


:snowman_with_snow: :snowflake: January 27 :snowflake: :snowman_with_snow:
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Orange :tangerine:
English novel :books:

I stayed up super late yesterday reading. I more or less read a whole novel in a day, I really shouldn’t have. Although I had to bail like literally 5 pages from the end because my eyes refused to stay open. XD

Finished that this morning. This evening, I went back to Orange a day early (although by Japan time I read it after midnight so technically on Saturday :crazy_face:). Let me just say: be careful what you wish for. I felt like one of the characters hadn’t gotten enough screen time… well, that have changed and now I wish they had less because :sob:.

What was I thinking? :joy:

Also, I’m now up to 8 finished novels (in English) already only three of them are rereads. Feels pretty good. I don’t have to keep up this speed, but I definitely want to keep putting time into reading a lot. :smiley:


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・ 封印再度 (71% → 74%)

Finished chapter 7. Man, what is this book, I thought things were getting deep and serious, but then we’re betrayed by some stupid unfortunate misunderstanding. I’m not sure what I expected.


Day 26
I finished the second volume of Tsugumomo. Poor Kukuri got her shrine destroyed and without any money for rebuilding it has to live on the street. Lol she opened a branch shrine on a playground. Even gods seem to have money problems.

2124 pages read 17876 to go


January 27th!

Today I read Chapter 41 of Happiness, the first chapter of Volume 9.
I’m really enjoying this series, though I don’t really understand why I like it so much because its a really unpleasant story. :smile:

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January 23th-27th :snowflake:
Home Post :house_with_garden:

Long week, with some days only just doing the bare minimum of a few minutes of reading the daily 教養 book… But in other news, I finally got the わた婚 novel, I’m taking it bit by bit, and mostly working on getting myself to break the habit of looking up works too frequently, and just enjoy the process…It has however been a pretty good week in the listening department as I’ve spend quite a few hours listening to radio and podcast in japanese while driving!

  • 23/1: :ring: わたしの幸せな結婚、1:17min, Start! → 3%
  • 24/1: :teacher: 教養366, 15min.
  • 25/1: :teacher: 教養366, 18min.
  • 26/1: :ring: わたしの幸せな結婚、1:33min, 3% →7%
  • 27/1: :ring: わたしの幸せな結婚、20ish min, →10%
    also :dragon: 暁のヨナ、第105話+番外編、40min.

Wishing everyone a great weekend ahead!


:snowflake: :red_gift_envelope: 1月27日 :red_gift_envelope: :snowflake: (Home Post Link)


  • Stargazer-少女は星の夢を見る- ch1 - less immediately sold on this one, this feels a lot more rough around the edges. Also not fully voiced, but it was free so oh well. Should also be fairly short, but a little longer than the last one. Definitely harder reading level, but still manageable.
  • ホリミヤ chs 95, 96, 97

Word of the Day:

読み漁る「よみあさる」ー to read a large number (of); to read widely; to read everything that one can lay one’s hands on (usu. of specific type, genre)​

I just love the image of fishing for books lmao


I haven’t been totally keeping up with this thread lately as I’ve been rather busy, but I finally had some breathing room from work today so I got lots of reading in (with maybe more later!)

  • Finished this week’s 半落ち reading (ぎりぎり)
  • Almost finished the assignment for the upcoming Natively Mystery Novel Book Club - 七回死んだ男 which is proving to be a fast and relatively fun read. Maybe a bit over-explainy, but one part already had me laughing outloud. I may finish that reading tonight as I only have a couple pages left
  • Read a few pages of the upcoming この本を盗む者は 📚 🪄 (Advanced Book Club) to see how it is. There were concerns that it’d be very difficult but so far aside from the usual ‘first few pages of setup are harder’ it seems it will be a smooth read.
  • Read about 1/3 of 二銭銅貨 | L35?? because someone mentioned it and my 江戸川乱歩 related impulse control is low.

Also, a side rant, I’m hosting both those clubs which is why I’m making sure to get my reading in, but I’ll be away from my personal laptop for 3 of the thread open dates (6th, 11th, 13th) so I was looking to see if I could schedule posts and it’s implemented in such a frustrating way. I almost asked on Natively if I could get TL4 but I don’t really have to desire for the extra powers, I just want to schedule posts :slightly_frowning_face: I’ll probably just ask for volunteers to post the thread while I’m out as those would be a nightmare to do on mobile!


Finished chapter 3 of 魔女の旅々 vol01. Word of the chapter is 筋肉.
Chapter 4 seems to be the third biggest in the entire volume, so it’ll take a while.


January 27 :snowflake: Home Post

Again somewhat occupied with other things so not a whole lot, just some Genshin Impact. Weirdly my “weekends” have been my busiest times so far this semester? So BU$TAFELLOWS may wait a couple days, we’ll see :eyes:


Oh, so you have to be TL4 to schedule posts? I wonder why that is… Not that the need has arisen for me yet. Why not just post the threads earlier with an explanation why you did so? It’s no big deal I’m sure. Others have done it before.
Edit: I can help out if you like though. I won’t participate in any of those book clubs this time (at least that’s what I say now…), but I can certainly post threads if you like.


Primarily I just worry people will either:

  1. not read closely and assume that week is ready, and read too much/think the book club is going too fast

  2. not be able to find the post despite me linking it in a main thread

Saying this I’m realizing people on the forums here generally have better reading comprehension than some IRL acquaintances who I was imagining as I typed that. So maybe that is the route to go. Make the threads before I leave, post in the home thread with a disclaimer.


If it’s only one thread at a time, you can also create it and leave it saved in drafts (it saves automatically, and I always think it disappears but it’s still there in your drafts folder. I think you can only have one draft at a time though.

But yes. I noticed that too.


Since I forgot to do the replies I meant to do yesterday, this is a reply post. xD


As @omk3 mentioned, you can only have one topic draft at a time (why…). If I were you, I’d either go with the get help option, or post them all in advance, and then bump the main club thread when each thread becomes “active”.

I don’t really have any advice, instead I can only commiserate with you. I also get hung up on arguments and/or I worry about all the potentially controversial things I said and if the other person hates/dislikes me now (thanks to an ex-friend, bad fallout). But yeah, reading something easier is probably what I’d do if I wasn’t already in the middle of something.

(I meant to answer this a few days ago, but I somehow forgot. Sorry! :bowing_woman:)

I’m turning 34. :joy: I don’t know if it is the 30s specifically, but I can’t pinpoint with any specific degree the exact last time I could do an all nighter and still be awake the next day. Mostly because I haven’t done all nighters except very rarely, and even then I can usually get 4 hours of sleep.

And unfortunately, rereading a favorite does not mean I don’t read all night long. :sweat_smile: In some ways, it depends more on the story structure. Something that is more thriller, where downtime in the story is limited… Well it is very hard to find a stopping point I’d be satisfied with so time flies and suddenly it is 1 am and like 2 hours left of the book according to my ereader and my mind is stupid at 1 am, so it says: lets finish. And then because my ereader always thinks I read faster than I do, it takes more like 2,5-3 hours. :joy:

Basically, I need to make the decision to stop reading before I get tired, or my smart decision making goes out the window and I pay for it the next day. :joy:

Congratulations! Well done! :partying_face: