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Finished first sub chapter during my lunch. Will finish the second one on my way home. I might read the last sub chapter and get to the last chapter of the book so tomorrow I can just finish. I am pretty excited to be done, and ready to binge Stardust Crusaders! I am gonna read Steel Ball Run for a bit before jumping into my next LN or Novel while binging Stardust Crusaders to keep my reading up.


Whoot whoot! Please share your thoughts on it as you read :smiley:


January 15 :snowflake: Home Post

As always happens, I got caught up in the story and finished chapter 3 of BU$TAFELLOWS today! Definitely an interesting one :eyes: I’ll soon have to adjust to the new semester starting so probably good that I got caught up while I can haha. Onward!

Also totally forgot before:

Congrats!!! A very exciting accomplishment indeed :grin:

Ahhh great job!! It sounds like you really zoomed through it, congrats :blush:

And another one, we’re on a roll it seems! Congrats, it really is an amazing accomplishment :grin:


Will do. I love the 4 chapters I read so far! I am too deep into my book now that I haven’t read the last chapter of volume 1 yet, but I went ahead a bought the next 5 volumes because Amazon did their algorithm based discounting and I humbly accepted to give them my money.


Noice!!! Good to hear the algorithm doesn’t need ora ora’ing


The secret is not being on Amazon for a bit, and then the first series you click on will trigger a discount/get extra Amazon points if you buy X volumes of a series.


Step 1: stay off Amazon


Cpt Price: We’ll get 'em next time boys.


Amazon already has way too much of my money for how much I hate it as a company :smiling_face_with_tear:


I am pretty good about staying away but I have my niche items that unfortunately nowhere else in Japan can match, so its a necessary evil in my life.


Hmm, this was vaguely on my list because the cover stood out to me, but I couldn’t decide whether I was actually interested in the content. I’d happily read with you, but with its price being relatively high at the moment, I can’t really justify buying one more book when I have a ton of unread ones. (I’m saying that now, but it’s very possible I’ll change my mind). The book is on several people’s want to read lists on Natively though, so there might be enough people to form a club. I can’t say I’m not tempted. Do let me know how you find it as you read further.


I’m too far out in the inaka, so my choices are either to drive hours and hours to make a costco run or use Amazon. It’s so much less hassle to use Amazon


I noticed that! Maybe I’ll wait til a sale. Is there a way to have Bookmeter notify you or do you just have to keep checking :thinking: Can’t promise I won’t read ahead but given what I just noticed about the chapters that may be a boon for the forums :sweat_smile: While I ‘read’ the first chapter of the audiobook the actual book is a bit different…

So far it’s mildly interesting. It opens with the philosophical bit, then it shifts randomly into a mildly graphic discussion of a child porn ring being arrested and the men involved. That blur is for content, not really a spoiler I think as it’s within the first 10 pages. I’m not really sure where it’s going, but it’s caught my interest at least.
Difficulty wise it’s easier than 半落ち, probably about the same as ユージニア? Definitely harder than おいしいごはん. I don’t really know how to compare チュベローズ because despite how many unknown words there have been in that book for me I zip right through it when I have time


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Day 15 Progress:
お隣の天使様 5.5 SS冊子 - 6.95% → 11.34%
スロー ループ - 14-15話

The more manga and children’s dialogue I read the more I get stumped on the rather aggressive usage of kana confusing me on even basic words like 使う. It feels like I really have become too dependent on kanji. But also,

心ぞう??? Really???

Word of the Day: 鰻登うなぎのぼり - rising rapidly (prices, popularity), soaring, etc. Perhaps because when you grab an eel, it quickly bends its body upwards to slip out. Or maybe because the shape kind of resembles a line going up in a chart or graph. Either way, a fun phrase.


There’s a weird thing that happens later in the beginner stages where you learn kanji and it is great to know theres a difference between words that can be identified, but then you realize you’re not familiar enough with the language to distinguish the words without them. I hated this stage so much but the more I read the less of a problem it becomes. Good luck!


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busy busy busy was out all day, got back and took a nap instead of studying at all. Still got a little bit of both done.


  • ホリミヤ ch 73
  • マジーク・ツリーハウス pg 109 → 111
Good Words

満足「まんぞく」ー satisfactory, sufficient
見取り図「みとりず」ー rough sketch

AAAA so many people finished first manga/books today :tada: :tada: :tada: congrats @Reyam @Greti33 @Greya !!!


What is this table of contents! :rofl:

Tell you what, I’ll probably grab it in the next coin back campaign, I’ve put it on my check list. I don’t want to stop you from reading till I join you though. Do let me know how it’s going, and I’ll join you when I can.

I don’t use bookmeter for anything other than logging books yet, for some reason I don’t find it very convenient, I just like its stats.


Made it to the last chapter. 10 pages long… Dare I finish the book tonight? I think so… I went pretty hard on this book and will have finished in with a week (technically because my vacation got in the way when I started).


Aaaaand I’ve finished my first book of 2023!


Congrats! Sounds like an auspicious start into the new year.