📚📚 Read every day challenge - Winter 2023 ☃❄

January 13th-17th :snowflake:
Home Post :house_with_garden:
Hello everyone!
Managed to keep up with daily reading these past few days, I’m happy about that :blush:

  • 13/1:
    :teacher: 教養366、26min and
    :ring: 私の幸せな結婚, went back to volume 2 to read the novel excerpt at the end since there were 2 pages I had left, and I just wanted to reread them in the morning. around 20min.
  • 14/1: :dragon: 暁のヨナ for the bookclub read-aloud. having to read ch103 twice this week was heartbreaking…
    :teacher: 教養366, 7min.
  • 15/1: :teacher: 教養366, 20min.
    :orange_book: 10ぷん10分で読める伝記, Ieyasu’s biography this time. Honestly, all the 歴史366 from last year has me rather well-acquainted with names of that period and reading this was literally a breeze!
  • 16/1: :cherry_blossom: 花野井くん、less than 10min before bed, too sleepy…
  • 17/1: :cherry_blossom: 花野井くん, ch. 5-6, 50min. Story is progressing, I still have my quelms about the lead character 花野井くん, but we’ll see where this goes…
some words

いい迷惑(めいわく) = real nuisance
(こい)バナ = talking about one’s love interests;girls’ talk
人見知り(ひとみしり) =shyness;fear of strangers;stranger anxiety
儒教(じゅきょう) =Confucianism
老荘(ろうそう) =Laozi and Zhuangzi
老荘思想(ろうそうしそう) =Taoism;philosophy of Lao-tse and Chuang-tse
無為自然(むいしぜん) = ①abandoning artifice and just being oneself ②doing nothing and taking things as they come


Oooooooooh!!! Finally someone! I’m loving this story so much! I wante to ask you, did you read both novel and manga? I wonder if i should try the novel, I’m dying to know more about this story and characters… :pleading_face:

oh my goodness this looks soooo cute!! I’ll be looking forward to more kitties, if you care to share as you read!