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Summary post

Summer Pockets: When did Japanese get… readable? Wild. I look up a word in practically every line, but those are opportunities to learn. A few narration portions were harder today, but at the worst I reread a bit and looked up several things. Can’t say I was ever stumped though. My prior reading has covered basically everything this game has done grammatically, so far. This is the first thing I’m really reading that I would’ve done regardless of language learning, despite how much I’ve loved some things I’ve discovered along the way (Ace Attorney is great but at least the replay was very learning-motivated). So it’s a new, particularly great feeling. I’ve got innumerable hours to go to get better at this, but at this point… I’m also there for real now. Didn’t even take that long. It’s a nice day. :slight_smile:

I think I played about AN HOUR AND A HALF (completely messed up the time when I wrote this – need to not do this the moment I stop reading and am worn out heh) but I don’t have as convenient of a clock as Steam was, and I keep forgetting to track it. Progress was slow of course, but I’m just flowing along. Today I at least met the first character, the protagonist’s aunt he’ll be living with.

Again, I’m just soaking in summer island vacation vibes. It’s a simple thing, but I’m enthralled with those sunbeams, the glow of the outside filtering in. I need it in the middle of winter; I miss the sun quite a bit.

Zoo 1: When I first posted (a bit after the start of the challenge), 15 days ago, I said I was starting the second short story. Well I’m now a few pages from finishing it! I think I’ll do that later today. Currently at 46% done, so I’m rapidly approaching the halfway point on my first book! This story has been great; but I’ll save most of my general impressions on the whole thing for when I finish the book.

The cool new word of the day is 渡りに船 (わたりにふね), a “godsend, windfall, timely offer,” etc.

Oh I know that feeling too well! My speed/stamina is so low with the short stories I am reading that I’m pausing over and over mid-climax and it’s painful!


Seventy pages of Yamada kun and the Seven Witches vol.1

I read the remaining 100 pages of Yamada kun and the Seven Witches and finished the first volume my fourth manga volume this year. The manga was really fun to read I will continue reading this series.

After that I read some more lines from Demonbane I still didn’t see any N1 grammar points used just lots of vocabulary I don’t
know yet but I will slowly SRS them.


I finished NO. 6 vol. 2 last night! at 4 am, oops Things have gotten quite dramatic there at the end. Who needs sleep anyway.

Have not read any books yet today (I might read a bit later before bed) - instead I continued Doraemon Story of Seasons - one of those farming games, but with Doraemon.

Unfortuately my farm is still a little smol and sad

but I’m working on it! :smile:

Today I scraped up the little money I’ve earned so far, bought a chicken, and learned stuff about how to keep it healthy & happy. :slightly_smiling_face:

I have a cute lil’ chicken friend on my farm now! :chicken:

This game is some really nice relaxing language exposure.
It’s reasonably text heavy if you seek out the situations in which other characters talk to you, but at the same time the language level isn’t very difficult. Even the more complicated terms for certain tools etc aren’t so bad because you can easily see what item the characters are holding/talking about. I can pretty much get by without a dictionary, which is really nice for a change. I mean, within limits - hell if I know what the different kinds of fish are - but that’s also probably not that important :laughing:
I really like the art style in this, it’s really comfy. :slightly_smiling_face:


Day 21!
Three whole weeks already!
I’m writing this update after midnight, but I did the reading before midnight, not that I’m sure if that matters? I usually count “a day” as being from the time I wake up, to the time I go to bed, rather than midnight to midnight…

Today I read Volume 4, Chapter 7 of からかい上手の高木さん, it had a cute cat!
Only 2 more chapters to go in this volume!
I’ve already ordered the next few volumes because I’m going to keep reading this with the ABBC offshoot club - A friend and I did a CDJapan order together to save on shipping costs and it has arrived, so I’m going to get my part of it from him over the weekend :slight_smile:

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I think all that matters is however works for you to count it! Whenever I mention the book I’m reading on the side, I do basically tuck in the bits I read in the ~24 hours since last update, which usually come from the previous night, technically speaking.

I’ve been enjoying the anime adaptation quite a bit, and I think the club is practically the same group of people I really like from the Ayumu club, so I’ve been so tempted to try to hop in. But what I need are fewer things to read, not more… heh. Glad to hear you’re enjoying reading it!


Home post :house_with_garden:

Becoming really bad at updating here regularly… even though I come almost daily in order to read everyone else’s updates :eyes:

18/1: 歴史366, 10min
19/1: 歴史366, 15 min
20/1: 暁のヨナ, chapter 61; just went through it once ~ 30min
21/1: 暁のヨナ, chapter 61; went through it again, looked up words this time
22/1: 歴史366, 15 min

New Words

好奇心旺盛 こうきしんおうせい brimming with curiosity
肩車 かたぐるま giving someone a ride on one’s shoulders; piggyback ride
顔ぶれ かおぶれ lineup (of a team);cast (of a play)
値する あたいする to be worthy of
色黒 いろぐろ dark-skinned
給食 きゅうしょく provision of lunch
育ちざかり そだちざかり growth period (in children)
貧困 ひんこん poverty; penury
主食 しゅしょく staple food
仲介 ちゅうかい intermediation; agency
接近 せっきん getting closer; becoming closer (friendlier)
薩長同盟 さっちょうどうめい Satchō Alliance-1866 alliance between the feudal domains of Satsuma and Chōshū
首を洗って待ってろ くびをあらってまってろ “just you wait”; “I’ll show you”

  • to wait for one’s punishment
  • to wait before one gets what’s coming to one
  • to wash one’s neck and wait (i.e. for one’s beheading)

Milo is a thing in Japan as well? This was the drink of my childhood until they changed the recipe and added more milk. I hate the taste of milk so I switched to Nesquik.

I’m surprised that it’s not a thing in America because all the ads for this drink that I know of are American and the ones that they brought to my country just use Black people to relate to the market.

Another tangent on the name

I guess the Japanese pronounce Milo differently than in English. In English, the sounds would be マイーろ approximately.

Yamada kun is really fun, right? I wish I could find it as easy as you but I’m not there yet.


Summary post

Day 21: January 21st

Time spent: 17 min
Today’s color: 檳榔子黒 (びんろうじぐろ) - a rich black with a hint of blue

Another really pretty color. Named for 檳榔子 - betel nuts. Fun fact (or un-fun fact, I guess): chewing these nuts can turn your teeth black and give you cancer :+1:

Some good words
  • 熱帯 (ねったい) - tropics
  • 煎じる (せんじる) - to boil; to decoct; to infuse
  • 呈する (ていする) - to show; to display; to exhibit
  • 下染め (したぞめ) - preliminary dyeing
  • 厳か (おごそか) - solemn (ceremony, atmosphere, etc.); austere; grave; majestic; dignified; stately; impressive

まいにち暦生活 日本の暮らしを楽しむ365のコツ
Time spent: 7 min

Today’s reading talked about キンカン - kumquats! I don’t know that I have ever actually eaten a kumquat :thinking: But apparently they are full of vitamin C and good for your cough/throat pain.

What else did I read?
お前、タヌキにならねーか? Vol 1
Amount read: 8 pages
Time spent: 18 min

Just a tiny read today because I have a not-very-tiny headache :disappointed:
But today I learned that cute tanuki man’s name is こがね丸
I would have known this if I had bothered to read the back cover, but who has time for that lol


Main Post
January 20th-21st
I’ve been a little busy lately so just a small post now. Been trying to read random things I come across. I tried reading more messages in Sky:COTL. This one was about someone finally getting 150 candles.


Jan 21 update :snowflake: summary post

um… so I haven’t really been reading much for the last week or so (whoops). I blame the start of the semester. But today I completely caught up with Akiko’s American Foreign Exchange! Tomorrow’s the start of the Death Note book club so hopefully I get back on track for reading every day


Home post

Day 20:

日本語: I read a fair amount of 伯爵と妖精 31.
Read-aloud: We read a chapter of ふしぎの国のバード.


中国語: I read an intermediate entry on Mandarin Bean and one page of 擅长捉弄的高木同学.



  • Spent 45 minutes on three pages of Chainsaw Man. Couldn’t tell where the dialogue was coming from. I think one of the characters was meant to be an apparition maybe? Had to put it down for another time.
  • Read chapter 6 of 三星カラーズ. Much easier.
  • Animal Crossing chores.

Yeah nesquik is definitely the chocolate milk thing I associate nestle with (ah childhood), maybe it’s a regional thing? I’ve certainly never seen it but it could be more known in other parts of the US, idk. Also very relatable, I only ever drank milk if it had nesquik in it haha

Yeah that’s true, I guess maybe it’s being interpreted more like romaji? Idk :man_shrugging:

Very jealous, I’ve been wanting to read it for a while but whenever I put together mandarake orders they never have the first volume :sob: one day!! Maybe eventually I’ll get impatient and just buy it digitally lmao

Oh man that’s so relatable, idk what it is about back covers :joy: somehow they’re always so rough


January 21 :snowflake: Home Post

Another pretty sleepy day; I really need to start reading earlier, but I keep having things to do :sweat_smile: the struggles of being back in school I suppose. I read five pages though so not so bad, especially since they felt pretty heavy. Lots of extensive background information talking about like charcoal and mines and such, which I’m not knowledgable about in English either :joy: There was some fun though; love アクタガワ showing back up and IMMEDIATELY bucking ミロ off, poor sweetheart :joy: he was so upset about it, he’s so dramatic and ビスコ just thinks it’s absolutely hilarious

Tomorrow’s the weekend so I should hopefully :crossed_fingers: be able to read a bit more! Either way I’m glad I’m managing to stick with it (actually kind of wild that I’m at a point where I feel like five pages isn’t that much :sweat_smile: oh how times have changed)

Obligatory cool words

毒(どく)づく - to curse (at someone), to speak bitterly
話半分(はなしはんぶん) - taking a story with a grain of salt, hearing only half of a story/what someone is saying
小突(こづ)く - to poke (love that it’s just a small stab lmao)
放物線(ほうぶつせん) - parabola
ふて腐(くさ)れる - to become sulky


:snowflake: Main Tracking Hub :snowflake:


:red_square: きのう何食べた?1
:red_square: 地球星人

I’m slowly but surely getting back into reading. :blush: Not much to say about きのう何食べた. I stopped with one of the characters talking to his mother on the phone. She thinks he should come out to his co-workers. Mama, it’s not your place to say! I guess I should be happy that he at least felt comfortable enough to tell her that he’s gay, but still.

I muscled through today and finished week 2 of 地球星人. According to my calculations, in order to catch up with the book club by week 12, I’d need to read two weeks’ worth of pages every week. :skull: I want to give it a try, though that seems like quite the challenge. That said, I read 9 pages today, and the most I’d have to read is 7 pages a day for one or two of those catch-up weeks. :thinking: Content-wise, I felt quite sorry for 奈月ちゃん during this reading session. As you can see from the later sentences in the vocab section, her mother needlessly chews her out. I get that she’s at her in-laws and apparently doesn’t like going there (so she’s likely stressed), but still.

Question regarding tense changes

This has been bothering me for a while. Something I notice in a lot of the books I’ve read thus far is that the writing sometimes switches between past and present tense, sometimes within the same paragraph. One of my theories is that, if something about a character is still true about them, then the present tense is used. Here’s an example from 地球星人:


That’s how Yu seemed then, and I assume that’s how the narrator still sees him. However, this theory doesn’t seem to work as a complete explanation. Here’s another example from 地球星人:

てるよしおじさんが玄関で声を張り上げている。「ほら、きた。奈月ちゃん、こっちはいいから行っておいで」「はい!」 私はしゃもじをおばさんに渡して立ち上がった。外からは虫の声がする。もうすっかり、夜が訪れて、台所の窓の外は普通の色に染まっていった。

I just can’t figure it out. This is a real puzzle for me.

Vocab 地球星人

豆電球 [まめでんきゅう]: miniature light bulb


どころか: far from; anything but; not at all​


線香花火 [せんこうはなび]: sparkler (“incense” + “firework”)


羊羹 [ようかん]: jellied dessert made from red bean paste, agar, and sugar


みそっかす: good for nothing


出来損ない [できそこない]: good-for-nothing; worthless person


おべっか: flattery


迎え火 [むかえび]: welcoming fire for the returning spirits (the story so far takes place during お盆)


Pics of some vocab words

豆電球: I was curious about the size of these light bulbs, so I popped the word into search. Such cute little bulbs! I guess they can be as small as Christmas lights as well as ones that are roughly proportional to the part that you’d screw in. So long as they’re smaller than the standard bulb, they fit into this category.

羊羹: I like me some red bean paste, so I had to search for a pic. In the book the narrator says their grandma is making えご (on the right). The two dishes look very similar, though I don’t know if they taste the same.


Here’s a quick update from my side:
hmmm, when was my last update anyway? … :thinking:

Last Saturday I read the week’s assignment of 笑わない数学者 - this is just soooo good, and we’re speculating a lot in our little reading club about how this all came about, which is big fun on top of the reading. From Sunday to Wednesday I read 大聖堂 - this week’s assignment was a bit longer than last week’s, and I was busier than last week, so I decided to take it slowly. But on top of that, I read a bit of Demon Slayer 3 each day (almost done!). On Friday was sauna day so I also read a chapter of The Little Prince. It was a bit more abstract and philosophical this time and took me somewhat longer than expected, but it still fit into my break :blush:

Plans for this week:

  • 笑わない数学者 (this week’s assignment)
  • 大聖堂 (this week’s assignment)
  • Finish off Demon Slayer 3
  • Death Note (with the Beginner Book Club)
  • If there is still time, I should have a look at my started-but-not-finished pile and see what I can do about it (not decided yet which one to pick…)

Summary post :bookmark:

January 21

笑わない数学者 (31% → 32%)
Just a tiny bit, the plan is to catch up now that I’m one week behind.

Also read a bit about 視力 (visual acuity) and 近視 (myopia / near-sightedness) on wikipedia. :mag: :eyes:

Some new words, eye-related stuff
Kanji Reading Meaning
屈折異常 くっせついじょう refractive error
老視 ろうし presbyopia
深視力 しんしりょく binocular vision / 3D vision
遠近感 えんきんかん depth perception
黄斑 おうはん macula / yellow spot (quite literally)
裸眼視力 らがんしりょく uncorrected visual acuity / naked eye
乱視 らんし astigmatism
遮眼子 しゃがんし occluder
調節力 ちょうせつりょく accommodation
視神経 ししんけい optic nerve / nervus opticus / CN II

Oooh!! Thank you so much for that, that makes way more sense now :smiley:


Summary Post

Day 21: Today I only read two pages of よつば&!



Day 22: Read pages 189-190 of Kiki. Page 189 was confusing for me and I spent longer there, but page 190 was fairly easy.
Although I didn’t read as much as I hoped to read, I’m still on track to be at page 200 before February!

I hadn’t heard of Nesquik until recently, but I’m very familiar with Milo. It’s extremely popular in Malaysia and loads of Australians love it as well.