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January 18
君の名は , 10 pages.

I’m glad it’s working for you! :tada: I definitely know the feeling of reading at night and it does make a big difference.

Reply to Zakarius part 2

Thanks for the details! I had heard that it was a different game from Dark Souls but nothing else. You’ve piqued my interest though, I’ll definitely play it at some point :wink: . Also the monk RP sounds awesome! I don’t tend to RP much but I’ve always thought it was a fun aspect I’d like to explore, and it adds another layer of fun to games. There’s a fairly big community of RP going on in FFXIV but I’ve never joined yet; it sure looks fun though.

Yeah I feel you so much on this. I’ve always been very perfectionist, I think I actually talked about it in the other challenge threads, about how much pressure I put on myself when missing days and all that. I don’t expect you to remember at all though! But anyway, I’m always looking for the perfect method, the perfect app, the perfect anything that lets me achieve something the most optimal way. And it’s been so, so hard integrating the reality that the perfect tool just doesn’t exist, nor the perfect anything. And it’s awful because for what I’ve seen, as you describe it quite accurately IMO, the Japanese learning community is obsessed with doing things in one way or else you’re wasting your time. These challenges for me have been a blessing and a great chance to work on not doing things perfectly, and I’m learning for real to work on doing things not in the perfect way. I don’t even know if what I’m doing is working most of the time, I just keep doing it and at some point I’ll notice that yeah, I’m improving. But it’s a leap of faith for the most part, I don’t have these realisations often. Some random day, I’ll be reading something and poof, a thought pops into my head and I’ll notice that I no longer have trouble understanding some passage with vocabulary and grammar I didn’t know before. Heck, I don’t even remember how I learnt English after basic English in school, I just kept doing whatever I was interested in and one day I noticed that I could understand the majority of it.

I would say that even the worst methods still make you improve over time regardless, even if not in the most efficient way. There is absolutely no way that every human in the history of humans has learnt languages to a high level with the most optimal method, all of them, all the time. There must be at least one that learnt with a shit method and still made it up there, for sure :joy: . I mean, there literally are people that sit with a book in a language they have no idea about and translate it word for word, and still learn. Consistency is key IMO, you’ve mentioned yourself as well and I agree. Be the tanuki :joy: :joy:

I wasn’t worried personally, I just thought it would be your average Japanese learning community. I think I was already spoiled by /r/learnjapanese and didn’t expect much :joy: . But yes I agree, there’s a lot of very nice interactions in these forums. There’s still some one-upping here and there occasionally but it’s not the norm. Very few bad apples, but also not the norm at all. But again, the perfect community doesn’t exist. WK forums is the only JP community I’m a part of and have been for a year, and I like it a lot. It’s not so terribly active that you miss a lot of threads and nice stuff, but is also active enough to always have new threads and on-going ones to check everyday. It’s a pace I’m very comfortable with. Plus the majority of the community is very wholesome and that’s very positive.

:raccoon: 頑張れ!! :raccoon: