📚📚 Read every day challenge - Winter 2022 ☃❄

Summary post

January 6 update:
Started reading 時をかける少女 again – read 2 pages today, which took almost an hour :confounded: The vocabulary somehow seems easier this time around, even though only a few months have passed since my previous attempt. But still, as I expected, the amount of lookups grew quite a bit compared to よつばと! Not sure how long I’ll last at this rate – perhaps I’ll go back to the second volume of よつばと! in a few days.

That’s great to hear! Thanks for sharing, your approach seems much more viable than what I’ve been doing :sweat_smile:
I think I’ll try to set aside some regular time and stick to it rather than try to read “when I feel like it”, which in my case usually means “at the very last moment.” Right now it’s only thanks to this thread that I haven’t missed any days yet.