📚📚 Read every day challenge - Winter 2022 ☃❄

Tonight I read six pages of ちゃお.

A couple new words I came across:

あれよあれよ------while surprised; suddenly​

アバター -----avatar


There are so many lovely ones!
This is my favourite cat there, his name is Baloo, and he is so soft and friendly.

As well as being a cafe, it’s also a rescue centre. They rehabilitate and rehome a lot of the young healthy cats who come in, but they have a number of permanent residents (Like Baloo) who have health problems that mean they need special care. It’s a really lovely place. :slight_smile:



Day 6 today, and I only read page 136 of Kiki, due to poor time management again :joy:. I’m waking up at 5:30am tomorrow and it’s nearly half past 11, oops.

I’m appreciating how straightforward and wholesome children’s books are. It’s like comfort reading, in a way.


A good half my posts get quick edits to fix typos even when I’m not tired :sweat_smile: Nothing to be sorry about!

Today’s article was 妊娠で職場に「存在が迷惑」と言われ…退職を迷う女性に届いた、ありえないメッセージ which is basically about マザハラ or ‘mother harassment’ – treating women in the workplace badly for being pregnant, planning to be pregnant, taking maternity leave, etc. It’s actually part article, part comic which seems to be a common format, but I’ve avoided it thus far because I didn’t think they’ll help my goal of learning how to express opinions more fluidly,

Some words I looked up

イクメン - a man who is good at child rearing. I strongly suspect this is a pun on イケメン :joy:
円満 - happy; amicable; peaceful
つわり - morning sickness
ノルマ - quota
足を引っ張る - to hold others back (from success)

I really liked this bit at the end:


So I guess I did get a nugget as to how to express opinions. :smiley:


Thank you this was an excellent update! What a lovely fluff Baloo is.

Absolutely with you on this!


I don’t think there’s such a setting, unfortunately. The easiest way to mark words as known is by going into grid mode. Then you can click through the words and trash them in bulk instead of one and one.


It’s possible to import/export words, but I’m not familiar with the process. I’m sure people over in the Koohi thread know how to do that if you’re interested :slight_smile:


Main Post

First update post, which I wanted to make on … Sunday I guess, things happened. Still I was able to keep reading a chapter every day. Was up early today and read my daily chapter for the today as well as the side chapters at the back of the volume. So I finished Spy x Family vol 4. It was good and I feel I have a much better grip on it. Have to look up quite a bit still in between reading, although I have to look at my search list to remember which ones. I did notice that Loid tends to use at least one 四字熟語 in every chapter, Anya uses a lot of hiragana even for loanwords and Yor is somewhere in between the two. The series is very good at alternating wholesome family fun with action packed panels. This volume is basically one arc, that the last volume hinted at. Don’t really wanna give away too much, as I think people should read it themselves. However I also wanted to add some pictures I took while reading in my posts and there’s many more panels worth taking pictures of.

Volume 4


:tiger2: :books: Homepost - Tigerdate: 20220106 :books: :raccoon:

Tanuki Scroll VI: チロリン橋 :bell:

Read today’s Hyakumonogatari [百物語] about a family struggling to survive and getting accused of stealing.

And yesss, it’s the narrator guy who gets really into it, his おばあちゃん voice is the best :rofl:
Though saying that this story was pretty dark and tragic

Today is 色の日 (@windupbird !!)
Because い(1) + ろ(6) = 色

☆ Learnings ☆

New Words (lots of household words today!)

一家「いっか」ー A family; a household
竃 「かまど」ー A traditional wood/charcoal fuelled stove
湯沸かし「ゆわかし」ー Teakettle
後始末「あとしまつ」ー Cleaning up afterwards (in this instance, cleaning up after dinner); the settlement of a matter.
拭き掃除「ふきそうじ」ー Cleaning; Scrubbing
木履「ぼっくり」ー Girl’s lacquered wooden clogs (traditional footwear)

Forgotten Meanings

暮くらし ー (Way of living; Livelihood)
準じゅん備び ー (Preparation; Getting Ready)

Forgotten Readings

隣村「りんそん」 (Neighbouring Village)


Day 6: January 6

  • 君の名は。page 31-32
  • からかい上手の高木さん page 1-24

からかい上手の高木さん is free again on bookwalker (first 4 volumes)! So I will try to go through this series while reading a bit of 君の名は daily ^^

Now that I have read some manga and got used to reading, からかい上手の高木さん seems so easy! In just 10 minutes, I read the first 25 pages of the manga. Even though it is easy, I’m still glad I didn’t pick it up earlier because of the lack of kanji. Now I can easily break down sentences and search for words, but if you are not able to do that, the manga gets a lot harder to read.


Sorry for the late reply! Thank you! That’s a really goog hint and I’m very exciting to explore the website! どうもありがとうございました。:partying_face::pray:


Summary Post

January 6
君の名は , 7 pages.

Random words
  • 排尿 = はいにょう urination.
  • 恥辱 = ちじょく shame, disgrace.
  • 怪訝 = けげん dubious, puzzled, suspicious.
  • なまる = to speak with an accent.
  • やけに = awfully, desperately, violently.
  • 内装 = ないそう interior design.

So this is the guy! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: I only listened to a very short bit of it but it’s indeed good, his ばあちゃん voice is so on point!! :ok_hand: I also like the solemn tone of the narrator :joy: . I definitely need to read these at some point.


Two more pages of 本陣殺人事件. I was so proud of myself and thought how much I already read from this book. Just to realize that I only read one chapter and I still need to read two whole chapters this week. :sweat_smile:


Summary post

January 6 update:
Started reading 時をかける少女 again – read 2 pages today, which took almost an hour :confounded: The vocabulary somehow seems easier this time around, even though only a few months have passed since my previous attempt. But still, as I expected, the amount of lookups grew quite a bit compared to よつばと! Not sure how long I’ll last at this rate – perhaps I’ll go back to the second volume of よつばと! in a few days.

That’s great to hear! Thanks for sharing, your approach seems much more viable than what I’ve been doing :sweat_smile:
I think I’ll try to set aside some regular time and stick to it rather than try to read “when I feel like it”, which in my case usually means “at the very last moment.” Right now it’s only thanks to this thread that I haven’t missed any days yet.


Summary post :bookmark:

January 6
・かがみの孤城. I finished the fifth week. I’m liking this book more and more by the day.

Progress: (27% → 34%)

Regarding staying focused: The best way for me to read this book on my laptop is by reading out loud. It works superb - it’s fun and engaging, and as soon as I stumble upon a word I don’t know, I have no choice but to look it up. There’s no glossing over a word with an unknown reading when you’re trying to read all the sentences out loud, hehe.

Word of the day: 定期的(ていきてき)
for having a funny pronunciation.


January 6 Update

Today I read 蓮住荘のさんかく #1 pg. 24-57.

Challenge Thoughts So Far

For most of the challenge, I’ve been reading ティアムーン帝国物語 volume 2 (I’ve read around 8 percent over the past few days) but for the last couple of days I’ve just been chipping away at some of my manga for a change of pace, like まいりました入間くん volume 24 and 蓮住荘のさんかく volume 1, which I also own in English and is about the cutest thing ever. It’s also very easy, which is a plus! Iruma is pretty easy, too, but it occasionally has parts that leave me frustrated because I can’t quite tell what the (clearly important) nuance is, even if I sort of understand the sentences. Anyway, it’s been nice to read something every day - it’s fun and is helping me keep up with watching an episode of anime daily, too!


January 6 :snowflake: Home Post

Decided to read more 錆喰(さびく)いビスコ today! I spent a while trying to figure out what カバ meant in the current context, like what, their cover’s blown? People called for backup? But no there were actually just literal sand hippos with guns chasing them through the desert because this book is a WILD ride :joy: so figuring that out made things a lot clearer. I’m realizing that the author messes with words a lot which is really cool from like a literary perspective, but it can definitely make my job harder. I think I’ve generally been able to figure things out though which is good!

I’m certainly enjoying the craziness :joy: The section I just finished ended with ビスコ picking up a dead hippo (described as one that five people would barely be able to lift) that had mushrooms in it from previous fighting and throwing it at their feet so it exploded into a giant mushroom that launched him, ジャビ, and the GIANT CRAB they’re riding over a huge border wall so yeah nothing really happening lmao; somehow fighting through all the unknown words isn’t so bad when I untangle stuff like that as a result.

Anyway I’m having fun with it so far! I still intend to continue ラストゲーム as well, so we’ll see when that actually happens :grin: very different reading experience from 錆喰(さびく)いビスコ, that’s for sure.

Cool words

矢継(やつ)ぎ早(ばや) - rapid succession
ジリ貧(ひん) - situation getting worse and worse
舞(ま)い上(あ)がる - to soar, be whirled up

Three different words talking about “clouds of sand”:


Day 6!
I read the second half of Volume 2, Chapter 2 of レンタルおにいちゃん.
It took me a little longer than intended because today was my first day back at work after Christmas so I was a bit frazzled by the end of the work day.

But I was really pleased because I didn’t need to look up any words at all today, which I don’t think has ever happened before!

(Home Post)



Just barely made it under the line today, left reading until I should have already been asleep (so this will be a short update), which is really annoying because once I started reading i didn’t want to stop so soon :sob: Things are already happening! I’m already loving this book so much, I need to make sure I give myself more time to read tomorrow!


Very belated home post

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Socials: Bookmeter, Learnnatively, Goodreads

What I’ll be reading:

  • 鬼滅の刃 - currently reading volume 3, but I’ve also started going back through older volumes to breakdown sentences I don’t feel I got sufficiently.
  • ファイナルファンタジーIX (Final Fantasy IX) - playing through in Japanese, taking screenshots of sentences I don’t fully understand, and then afterwards writing them out in a notebook to do breakdowns.
  • デスノート (Death Note) - with the Beginner Book club.

Rough update so far:
Somehow I managed to defy all odds and I’ve just kept going since the last challenge, yesterday was day 128 I think.

My wrists are very painful so I won’t be able to reliably make updates, but I’ll be reading along with all your comments every now and then.

My default update will be 鬼滅の刃 everyday, although most days it will only be a few pages, some days just one.

Ohhh I’m delighted to hear that, just from the cover and little I know of 鏡の孤城 I’m really intrigued to try read it some day. Learn natively claims it’s a 27, compared with 鬼滅の刃’s 25. Maybe one day.

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Alright, I’ll join in late too. I have been reading every day up to this point, and plan to for the foreseeable future – might as well hop in with the community and check out what you all are up to here and there.

My current reading tends to be somewhere between an hour and a half or two hours per day on the first Ace Attorney game, basically however long I spend before mining ~20 sentences. No hard schedule for this, but in the remaining time, I throw in a few pages of Zoo 1 by Otsuichi here and there. It’s my first real native Japanese book. I can handle it (with a lot of lookups), but I’m at that level where after 3 or 4 pages, I get pretty exhausted. Happy to be reading though, and this is perfect milestone timing, as just yesterday, I finished the first of the book’s short stories (roughly 40 pages in this edition). The first story was decently interesting, though certainly upsetting at times, with a lot more real serious depressing topics and not exactly the sort of “horror” I was expecting. I also wonder how much the excitement of reading a Japanese book is going to cloud my judgment for a bit, haha.

Today I started a little on the second story, Seven Rooms, which appears to be starting from two people mysteriously awakening in an (I assume locked, but we’re taking it slow) unfamiliar room…