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February 8
ギョーザ購入額 宮崎市が初の日本一 浜松市と宇都宮市上回る

I read part 2 of yesterday’s article. If I understood it correctly, Miyazaki has been the city that had most gyoza purchases per household last year, followed by Utsunomiya and Hamamatsu, which were normally higher. I’m not sure why the counting excludes eating out, takeout and frozen foods; I’m a bit confused by that. But anyways, apparently in Miyazaki it’s super common to bring gyoza everywhere. They mentioned in yesterday’s article that they get it for pretty much any event, for presents when visiting people, and so on.

Reading news is exhausting and fun at the same time. The language is so much different from what I’m a bit more used to but I find that it’s much more “useful” perhaps, like I’m missing a lot of everyday words that I can learn from this so I will most likely keep reading news besides 星の王子さま , though I don’t know at what frequency.