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February 4 :snowflake: Home Post

Still living the 999 life! I played like four hours today I think? I’m definitely getting to that stage where I obsessively play it and it’s like all I wanna do when I have free time (as always happens to me with games like this rip) so it’s really cool to have that happen with something in Japanese!

I have way too much to say about 999 (mild spoilers ahead)

Things are starting to happen :eyes: 淳平(じゅんぺい) was finally like “wait I don’t even know who any of you people are” which like very relatable, I was like 12 hours in at this point and still calling them 銀髪(ぎんぱつ) and (おど)() :joy: So names yay! サンタ of course:

He really doubled down on that, like no I mean Santa :joy: Love the energy. The 三太郎(さんたろう) thing sent me on a whole tangent that I think was kind of pointless because I think the point was just “no I don’t mean a normal name, I mean Santa” but I found this like ad campaign for a cell phone company that’s a whole drama series? Idk I’m unclear but it’s wild:


Also the whole thing with (あかね)'s name was so smart; she’s number six so 淳平(じゅんぺい) came up with the codename (むらさき) since it starts with む as in like (むっ)つ, but that kanji can ALSO be read as あかね so like… it double works.

I also really love 四葉(よつば) and ニルス, they’re very wholesome :pleading_face:

I somewhat suspect they might have known each other before this, or maybe they’re just both very sweet and caring people, who knows :man_shrugging: I love both of them regardless.

You know when you repeatedly come across a word with seemingly contradictory meanings and you read way too much about what’s going on with it? Yeah that was me with 適当(てきとう) today :joy: Basically the vibe I got for it (and いい加減(かげん), which it compared it to) is that it can be suitable/enough in the sense like “you done enough for this to succeed, nice work” or in the sense like “ugh you’ve done enough” if that makes any sense. So that was an interesting rabbit hole!

I’m looking forward to playing some more tomorrow, I think there’ll be more puzzles soon :eyes: Onward!

Some words!

挙動不審(きょどうふしん) - suspicious behavior
途切(とぎ)途切(とぎ)れ - broken, intermittent, disconnected
()(さば)く - to cut, to slit
(あご)をしゃくる - to jerk one’s chin
命拾(いのちびろ)い - narrow escape from death
用済(ようず)み - having served one’s purpose
声色(こわいろ) - tone of voice

Oh very relatable :joy: Yeah if you have it and the mood strikes give it a shot! I can only speak from my own experience but honestly, I think my biggest periods of growth have come from tackling a piece of media above my level and pushing through it, even just as much as I could (generally not very far haha). Your mileage may vary for sure, but if that’s in any way encouraging then hey!