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Summary Post

February 1
星の王子さま, p. 9-13.

You guys!! Thanks for all the supportive replies :heart: .

Started 星の王子さま as I said I would yesterday. It looks so promising! Though I’m back to encountering a lot of unknown words :joy: . I have to get used to the writing style again so it’s likely it will be slow at first, but it feels so refreshing. There are two specific things that I noticed right away:

  1. So many hiragana-only words in comparison to 君の名は. It happened, I turned into someone that doesn’t like hiragana-only text, it’s so hard to parse ;-; . It’s not hiragana-only of course, there’s a good amount of kanji, but I’ve definitely encountered a fair amount of hiragana adverbs, and some were a bit of a pain to look up due to so many homonyms.
  2. The、 commas、 dividing、 sentences、 are、 eeeeverywhere. There are so many!! :joy: Which is actually kinda of cool, not gonna lie. It adds to the writing style and it makes it easier to follow.

Overall I like how this book feels, I think I’m going to enjoy reading it :relaxed: .