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Summary Post

January 30
君の名は , 5 pages.

Very late and quick update today :stuck_out_tongue: .

I changed my setup today. I normally read the book sitting on the PC chair and do lookups online as I come across them, add them to the SRS, and so on. But today I had another idea. When I visited Japan for the first (and only) time back in 2016, still quite a beginner, I bought a 電子辞書でんしじしょ. It’s basically a device like a portable console, but instead of games it’s full of different kinds of dictionaries (my version is the Spanish one so that includes Ja-Spa / Spa-Ja, Ja-En / En-Ja, and many many J-J dictionaries, encyclopedias and other cool stuff. It’s basically a dictionary and tool collection for Japanese natives that are learning languages. Or was, since I’d say the internet is making them more and more obsolete. But it was also used by Japanese learners, like my first Japanese teacher, who spoke good about them.

Now, to be fair, this thing is super useful, but I wouldn’t have bought it nowadays at all. It was quite frankly a complete waste of money :joy: . It’s super expensive (was like 250-300eur) and it does nothing you cannot do with the internet, with all the super cool tools out there nowadays. Literally nothing. But hey, I thought it would be super useful to me back then. And to be honest, it actually has indeed been very useful at some points.

But anyway, since I have it, why not use it? I thought. So I did. I sat completely in silence, with no phone nor PC to distract me, just this thing and the book. Did I do anything different from what I do usually? Not really. I sat, I read, and I looked up things in the J-J dictionaries first and J-Spa / J-En second. But since I normally use the PC way too many hours every single day, it felt really good to be away from it for a little. I think I focused more than I usually do, and tried to dissect J-J definitions a bit more as well. Normally I read them, get a rough idea and add the word to the SRS. Today, since I couldn’t add to the SRS right away, I tried to understand much more thoroughly the definition to understand the word, and then add it to the device’s vocabulary list that you can create. Once I was done reading, I then put all the words into my SRS. And honestly, I think that little effort dissecting the definitions actually makes me remember them better, because I remember working on them and I remember the nuance of their definitions, at least for a while.

So pretty cool! I’m happy with how this worked out, and will most likely keep trying this way for a bit, see if I like it better.

Edit: even though I say it was a waste of money (which to be fair, it kind of was), this thing is actually pretty cool nonetheless. It has the 大辞泉 and 明鏡国語辞典 dictionaries, one kanji dictionary with a thorough JP explanation on anything and everything about the kanji you enter, a thesaurus, one of collocations, another one of pitch accent, one of antonyms, one of modern katakana, one of 四字熟語, and so on.