📚📚 Read every day challenge - Summer 2022 🏖 ☀

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So excited for this challenge! I really got into the habit of reading (almost) every day in June, hopefully I can keep it up. 頑張って、みんな!

Also does anyone else love how the July-August calendar looks this year? It looks so nice back to back



bonus round! september

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Daily Updates

Trying something new w/ the formatting here since I don’t actually make a post every day


  • 01: Orange
  • 02: Orange
  • 03: 夜カフェ、極主夫道、恋人
  • 08: 極主夫道、時のオカリナ、book haul!
  • 09: PokéSpe、Orange
  • 12: 夜カフェ
  • 13: 夜カフェ、しろくまカフェ、魔女の宅急便、and looking ahead at future reading material
  • 15: シャドウハウス


  • 02: july recap + august goals
  • 03: 極主夫道、Orange


  • 15: update + 極主夫道
  • 18: 極主夫道、夜カフェ、耳をすませば、HUNTER×HUNTER
  • 28: 極主夫道、耳をすませば
  • 30: 夜カフェ、時のオカリナ、summer 2022 recap + autumn goals
What I'm Reading + Progress

Mainly going to focus on various book club books and the Himekawa Akira Zelda manga series. I might read a few Satori Reader stories as well, but I might stop reading them b/c I feel like reading actual books instead

Currently Reading

Book Type Progress Book Club?
時のオカリナ Manga 23%
夜カフェ2 Children’s Book 34% :sunny: off-shoot
HUNTERxHUNTER Manga 26% :sunny: ABBC
極主夫道8 Manga 9 :sunny: off-shoot

Finished!! :tada:

Book Type Completed Book Club? ★ rating
夜カフェ1 Children’s Book July 13 :sunny: BBC ★★★☆☆
極主夫道5 Manga July 20 :sunny: off-shoot ★★★★★
しろくまカフェ1 Manga July 21 ★★☆☆☆
極主夫道6 Manga August 28 :sunny: off-shoot ★★★★★
シャドウハウス1 Manga September 3 :sunny: BBC ★★★★★
極主夫道7 Manga September 28 :sunny: off-shoot ★★★★★
耳をすませば Manga September 28 :sunny: BBC ★★★☆☆

Dropped :pensive:

Book Type Progress Book Club? Reason
PokéSpe1 Manga 16% reading too many other things, not interested atm
ルーパーズ Visual Novel 5% :sunny: VN Club reading too many things
恋人 Satori 61% end of satori subscription
奥日光 Satori 3% end of satori subscription
魔女の宅急便1 Light Novel 6% will pick back up once I finish other books
Orange1 Manga 65% :sunny: misc would like to finish eventually but just not in the mood for right now