📚📚 Read every day challenge - Summer 2022 🏖 ☀

:question: I don’t know to specifically do this one, but if there is already a Japanese subtitle, there is only one thing to do…

Jul 4, Mon of Week 2 of Summer :beach_umbrella: 2022

Planning and results

Thinking back about the last week, there are some things I want to keep in mind.

  • How about finding an easier novel, or non-fiction “books”? Although I don’t exactly give up on Night Cafe, I don’t feel like I understand enough.
  • I need to learn grammar more deeply and remember well in advance. Although there might be less beginner level grammar points that vocabularies; they are usually harder to look up (with Bunpro or Renshuu search engines). Also, what about unlisted nuances or weird Kana/conjugations?
  • Mangas also have different ways to be difficult – vocabularies, Kanji, grammar/language?
    • I try to approach both volumes-to-volumes and natural learning materials.
  • Most useful dictionaries aren’t offline in the app. I find online entries in Goo to be more useful. From time-to-time, I really have to Google; and there are many websites dedicated to explanation; usually in Japanese language.

  • Reading
    • 1 volume of manga
      • Finished JoJo Part 2 Vol.3/4 monochrome
      • Finished 進撃の巨人 Vol.1
    • Death Note Vol.3 Ch.20 ( 先手(せんて) )
    • (Finished) 進撃の巨人 Vol.1 Ch.4
    • Extra reading
      • (Finished) JoJo Part 2 Vol.3/4 monochrome
        • Solitary Caesar arc (from 2/6 to 6/6)
        • Lead-in to Wham! arc (1 chap) + Wham! arc (2 chap)
      • SHADOWS HOUSE Vol.1 (from 34%)
      • SPY x FAMILY Vol.1 Ch.2+ (re-reading)
      • うらら迷路帳 Vol.1 (from 21%)
      • A chapter of Night Cafe (or any novel)
        • (Finished) Night Cafe Vol.1 Ch.12+
  • Unplanned extra materials
    • 妖怪の子預かります Vol.1 Ch.2+
    • Chain Saw Man Vol.1 (3 chaps, 51%)
Fonts / Pictorial differences
教科書体 Actual text
:beach_umbrella: 月 火 水 木 金 土 日
第2週目 4前 :bookmark: 5 :man_playing_handball: 6 :closed_book: 7 8 9 10

Today’s progress

Today, I listened and read aloud to 佐々木小次郎のツバメ返し, where I find vocabularies and Kanji a little more difficult today.

The story is from 福井県, and said to be a few years before the actual fight.

It's about this guys, who share the names in Japanese version

Vocabularies that caught my eyes.
  • 弟子入り – で.し.いり – apprenticeship
  • 根負け – こん.まけ – beaten down by persistence
  • 小間使い – こ.ま.つかい – maid (servent of the master, I think)
  • 腰に差す – こし.に.さす – to hold (a sword) at the waist
  • 武者修業 – む.しゃ.しゅ.ぎょう – samurai drill (exercise)
  • I confused 技(わざ) and 枝(えだ)
  • There must be more misleading Kanji ones. I should have let Yomichan add to Anki.