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I actually already came across this in the past! I have no idea how much to trust random Reddit responses so I’m not really taking anything here seriously, but this thread is the only real info I found on that topic when I looked in the past. I do know the NHK indeed has lists of words not to use, but it’s surprising if this truly used to be on there for some reason. It’s the term this visual novel uses pretty much exclusively for the people at the harbor who fish, anyway. :person_shrugging:t3:


I got curious and did a teensy bit more googling and came upon a similar discussion: politeness - What does "sensitive" or "sens" mean? - Japanese Language Stack Exchange

So it seems to be a pretty outdated tag either way, but based on that I would guess it’s just like… too direct? Not honorific enough? Like maybe お漁師さん would be (or would’ve been) more proper, idk


Thanks for this!! That makes a lot of sense. No need to apologise for awkward translations — my summaries are full of them :sweat_smile:.


So that thread reminds of the various language changes that I’ve learned about being driven / having been driven by cultural changes. As an example, I have twice accidentally said 看護婦 and been corrected to say 看護師 (gender neutral). There is/was also some controversy about the ども kanji in 子供 at one point. I just googled it and found this article which on skimming seems on point.

Maybe we should make a “fun investigations into Japanese words and phrases” thread if one doesn’t exist already :joy: :female_detective:



Very tired today from work, plus I spent a lot of time thinking about/working on a fic (new fic, though old idea I randomly remembered about today), so I didn’t get much reading done. No GREEN or 2.43, unfortunately. But I did read a bit on Satori Reader.

I started 壁の穴 today and read ch 1-3. Maybe because the simplicity makes it seem like a children’s story, I was a bit surprised when they killed off two of the newborn little sisters.

I’d never realized until today that 完璧 isn’t written with 壁. The bottom radicals are slightly different. I added 壁 to my known kanji today, so when I came across 完璧 in ch 3 and it had furigana, I was confused because I know I’ve already learned 完 on WK so it’s already on my known list, and the second one’s—oh, it’s not “wall”! Even though I’ve started paying more attention to radicals since starting WK (I still have trouble with 縁, 録, and 緑, though, but I’m starting to have an easier time more quickly distinguishing between 諦 & 締 and 識 & 職 when the context doesn’t help me), I never noticed that.


April 10th:
I don’t usually note down this many new words, but I was feeling energetic today

Read: pg8-12 (4 pages)

New words/readings

軸受け じくうけ, bearing (like of a wheel)
屈む かがむ, to lean over
兵士 へいし
輪郭 りんかく, contour
甲冑 かっちゅう, armor and helmet
錠前 じょうまえ, lock
故障 こしょう, break down
辛辣 しんらつ, bitter/scathing
拗ねる すねる, to sulk
鍛冶屋 かじや, blacksmith
懸架 けんか, suspension (automobile)


I kinda like this one cause it has a ton of kanji I don’t know + furigana
But that also makes it slow to go through

Read: pg102-110 (8 pages)

New words/readings

懇願 こんがん, asking for something humbly/earnestly
俯く うつむく
死刑宣告 しけいせんこく
拷問 ごうもん, torture
誓う ちかう
肯定 こうてい, affirmation
滲む にじむ
豆鉄砲 まめでっぽう, peashooter
咳払い せきばらい
戸籍 こせき, family register


DARN IT THE CLIFFHANGER I LEFT MYSELF ON what kind of message did Satoka leave???

Read: pg5 (2 page)

New words/readings

風俗 ふうぞく, that kind of work
修繕 しゅうぜん, repair
貴賎 きせん, ranking


Gosh I was so surprised by that first sentence
I wonder what kind of book it’s going to be


Fascinating! I don’t know as much about that as I’d wish to, but that reminds me of (at least I think this is a thing?) writing ふうふ with different kanji depending on the gender of each person in the marriage like 夫夫 or 婦婦


I googled and immediately got this: 夫婦から婦婦へ、夫のカミングアウトを経て築いた関係:日経xwoman
So it seems to be a thing! Coincidentally I went down a minor rabbit hole on YouTube today of lesbian youtubers (interviews and such) and learned various new terms (なべシャツ and たち・ねこ) so this fits perfectly into my vocab of the day :rainbow:


Ooh interesting! Lol to think a binder would be called a なべシャツ


I like your handwriting! Looks very smooth and natural.

Thanks! I guess it’s from
It’s really late in the night and I can’t think of anything smart to say lol


Day 10 :heavy_check_mark: :cat2:

三毛猫ホームズの推理 ~36% to 42%, ended chapter 2.3

One more chapter section to go in order to be able to join in the spoiler discussion! Funny what an incentive for reading faster a tiny spoiler tag can be. Not that I’m not enjoying the book anyway. :grin:

Added a list of place names in my home post too, for easy reference. They are exclusively @basilsauce’s contributions, so I hope you don’t mind!

Fun words and expressions

ムキになる - to take something seriously (like a joke), to get angry (at something trivial)
当てこすり - snide remark, insinuation
話にならない - not worth considering, out of the question
通用しない - to not apply, to be proof against
型通り - formal, conventional, stereotypical
仕立て上げる - to set someone up as, to make out to be, to frame someone
戦々兢々 - trembling with fear, filled with trebidation
お茶を濁す - to be evasive, to prevaricate
もどかしい - frustrating, feeling things are not quick enough, irritated
頭が切れる - to be sharp, to be on the ball, to be clever


Home post

Day 9:

日本語: I read some of ミニスカ宇宙海賊, a fair amount of 三毛猫ホームズの推理, and some of ヨコハマ買い出し紀行 (finished rereading v3 :star:).

  • This week’s manga volume to finish: 鋼の錬金術師 v4.

中国語: I read an intermediate entry on Mandarin Bean, one page of 骑士幻想夜, and a bit of 孩子最爱读的中国民间故事.

  • Weekly countdown to trying a page of 伯爵与妖精: 2,237 words. I added all the words to the anki queue that were used three times or more in the book, so this should be my total to count down from. :crossed_fingers:

Does anyone know what this is?

京 子も

I know it’s something about a child, but I can’t find anything about the first character that makes sense. Thanks.


Whenever the combination of kanji don’t make sense, it’s almost always a name. :wink:


Yes, it could be. Thanks!


I’m not gonna lie, reading your updates has definitely intrigued me :eyes: I keep telling myself AA isn’t that hard, but then I look at the vocabulary sheet I’m working on… And read something else instead. help

I’ll check out Zero Escape, though, so thank you! Can I ask what platform you’re playing on?


I read all of Level 0, Vol. 1, Book 5. It’s about a brother and sister. The brother is a typical boy, playing and goofing off all day, while the sister does what she should. But the brother beats her in P.E. class. So he can do something correctly! But he does wear his Japanese school shoes home instead of his regular shoes.

Last book in this set tomorrow.


Read 三毛猫ホームズ up to the end of 2.5

Of course I’m happy to contribute!

Speculation on the story up to 2.5

If it’s him, then having 晴美 involved would add drama to the story! I’ve been taking it for granted that one of the young women with a major role is going to need to be rescued from the killer. I feel like 雪子 is so suspicious (even though she might be perfectly innocent of anything) that nobody feels any sympathy for her, so if the story does raise the stakes by putting one of the girls with the killer just as Katayama learns who he is, 晴美 would be more dramatic.

I forgot about that specific description of the coat the first time. Hm…


㋃10 – Day 10

  • ジョジョの奇妙な冒険

It was a really frustrating day, but apparently in the morning I did read 3 pages with some challenging speech bubbles and it’s not that I didn’t read like I had previously thought.

I had planned on this day to finish the volume and I had been ready to allot 2-3 hours to doing so if necessary, but some stuff out of my control happened. It only contributed to my feelings of frustration for that day, but finding out I did read a little makes me feel better.


So I finished 2.4 and eagerly went to your spoilers, only to find that you guys are already talking about 2.5 now :sweat_smile:

I’ll still join in to as far as I got, although whatever I say will be irrelevant given that you’re further along. Oh well.

Spoilers for up to 2.4 and speculation:

It was my first thought, just like the writer intended, I’m sure. But hasn’t he shown his face around the university? Wouldn’t he be recognized by the students by now? Although I think he has successfully avoided being around students, he must have been seen walking around the campus.

I think it was an official trip though?

I think it’s the same guy. His appearance is described as harmless and ordinary, he could be anyone. His coat - both times- seems expensive, which puts both girls at ease. I did a search for コート (in the parts I’ve already read only) and the only ones who are explicitly stated as wearing one, other than him, are Katayama and Mitamura.

I’m certain she doesn’t. At first she’s worried, but then he seems just a harmless prostitution client to her. If she recognized him, I’m sure she wouldn’t be scrutinizing him so closely, and would just feel relieved -or worried- based on that.

Thinking about it some more, I believe there’s someone else who may be a good suspect, although it’s not apparent at all till now if and how he is connected to anything else. Harumi was seen with some man, who looked married and middle-aged, wasn’t she? Could it be the killer? Could it be Hayashi?

And please don’t talk in page numbers, poor ebook readers like me have trouble following! :sweat_smile: :rofl: