📚📚 Read every day challenge - Spring 2022 🌸 🌱

Jun 28, Tue of Week 1 of Summer :beach_umbrella: (end-of-Spring :cherry_blossom:) 2022

Today, I read a grammar explanation in English, from Maggie Sensei, actually. Then, I revise the explanations and remove English sentence translation. In any case, I try my best to translate the sentences myself. Also, as I tried to revise the explanations, I am prone to making mistakes as well.

But isn’t knowing that I can make a mistake a good way to know how I can improve?

I summarized in Google Docs so that I can have rich formatting (also that I can easily share). (Furthermore, I avoid copying “wrong” examples.)

  • As a matter of fact, I made the whole folder public, so that I can add more contents
  • Also, I tried reading grammar once before, in the challenge, but now I should try to make it an everyday thing for now – so I set up a calendar.
  • I don’t exactly hate English – with English explanations, I might be able to understand better. – Still I have to be aware if I don’t yet understand anything.

I guess I should update what I read a little…

  • I quickly read Happiness from early Vol.3 to early Vol.5. Half of the reason? It got spoiled and got me curious. Not yet disappointed, though.
  • Played ATRI a little (about 20 minutes or something).
    • I guess if I don’t rush, this one is doable. It can be saved anywhere, anyway.
    • Another reason – I want a relatively easy game, not worrying too much about difficulties.
    • A turn-based strategy game might be nice, but one yet to catch my eyes (e.g. on Steam, or some devices that I already have). I can’t find Fire Emblem on Steam.
  • The music from ATRI inspired me to read 妖怪の子預かります Vol.1 Ch.1
    • I don’t care about Natively difficulty. A quick glimpse of another book recommended together seems harder.
    • Also, this one seems readable so far.
    • I chose with the hope that I could go through multiple volumes, not just a book club for vol 1.
  • 進撃の巨人 Vol.1 Ch.2
    • The manga version of this series looks interesting (more than anime) so far.