📚📚 Read every day challenge - Spring 2022 🌸 🌱

Now, I realized that spoiler prevention is as easy as, searching in Japanese vocabulary + " JoJo". Not a completely perfect avoidance of spoilers, though, but at least hundred times safer than Wiki.

I wonder what kind of device people here use to read on Bookwalker (or Kindle)? Smartphone? Tablet?

Please round up the number, btw.
  • Smartphones (5-inch or lower)
  • 7-inch tablets
  • 10-inch or larger tablets
  • Something else electronic
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Personally, I also read on working shifts, but I might not be holding a tablet. As for now, I would read JoJo on a Smartphone, and regularly switching to dictionary apps (Akebi, Kotobank) and web browser. Tablet feels more productive and more like learning, though.

Kotobank is better, but I still use Akebi to send to Anki. Also, Akebi, like most other JE dictionaries, can parse conjugations.

Death Note might be possible, but won’t work well (for me) with novels like Yoru Cafe (mainly because - too long a section); and perhaps not yet Yuru Camp.

May 18, Wed :cherry_blossom: calendar post

Week 8 of Spring 2022’s progress

This week, I have energy to post like several days straight, lol.

I also look a little more into Netflix, and reach a conclusion of, I am not ready to listen on Netflix. Though, I might make reading club’s watching along, an exception. 遺(い)憾(かん) isn’t it? Somehow, JoJo likes to use 遺憾.

But now I have an additional reading goals, but not yet the grammar (i.e. maybe later).

  • 3 freestyle articles / blog posts, to be read seriously (one of them is already selected JoJo’s)
    • Probably will be 5 per week, starting next week.

Interesting vocabularies

Same reading (and pitch) for 児戯(じぎ) (child's play) and perhaps a few other words


  • 神(しん)秘(ぴ) mysterious (seems like doings of god)
  • ひと月(つき) also written 一月 and means 一ヶ月
  • 試(し)ç·´(れん) trial, ordeal - I guess it works for trial of courage too.
  • 好(この)みはうるさい difficult to please. An alternate meaning of うるさい.

More spoiler’ish, but I want to show it anyway

First third of JoJo part 2's training

Now JoJo and Caesar fell into HellClimb Pillar (yes, there is only ・ between Climb and Pillar)

And, also young JoJo’s personal history… at おまけ!

Persons and places

  • ジャン・ギャビン JoJo’s fav actor - Jean Gabin seems to be a famous and influential French actor from 1940s on.
  • Fictional names
    • ジョセフ・ジョースター Josef Joestar (I can’t correctly spell this in English before.)
  • Fictional places
    • エア・サピレーナ島(とう) Air Supplena Island - supposedly can be reached from Venice, Italy. / ref = Air Supply. I think I have heard their songs before.
    • 地獄昇柱 Furigana’d HellClimb Pillar , but I assume it can also be read 地(じ)獄(ごく)昇(しょう)柱(ちゅう)


  • 感(かん)心(しん) admiration
  • 矯(きょう)æ­£(せい) correction
  • 支(し)障(しょう) restriction, hindrance - Lisa want to correct JoJo’s breath with restrictions :rofl:
  • 投(とう)獄(ごく) imprisonment (who do you think this JoJo really is?)