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That’s not dialect, that’s grammar :joy_cat:

(Have some more if you like: grammar - What is the usage of 〜げ and how does it differ from 〜そう or 〜っぽい? - Japanese Language Stack Exchange)


The webpage I found the definition on called it 福岡の方言. ¯\(ツ)/¯ (dictionary.goo.ne.jp, I know nothing about them, just randomly popped up for my interweb search)


Probably everything is some part of dialect somewhere :joy_cat:

But if you look at the overall search results, the topmost entry (which comes from a Japanese dictionary) is what I was referring to, while at the bottom (in the dialect dictionary) you also have the Fukuoka entry:


may 5 :cherry_blossom: home post

A lot of reading today! I’ve been steadily working through 恋人 on Satori these last few days (about 25% done now) and I also read chapter 28 of 極主夫道!

Wait, how did I not realize that’s why 々 is called that? It’s so obvious now that you say it (oh, looks like WK even explains this, but apparently I forgot. but to be fair that was way back in level 2). I wonder what other words there are like that other than ノマ and くノ一


Well, all I can say is interweb search preferred dialect dictionary. :joy:

And here I was so proud for finding dialect answer. *sniff sniff* Another time, I guess. ^^


May 5th!

Work was tough today, so a chapter of Yotsuba was a perfect thing to read tonight. It’s impossible to not be cheered up by it. :slight_smile:
I read Chapter 58, and Yotsuba pulling her bear around in the little wagon was super sweet.

(Home Post)


Summary post

It’s been a stressful time – starting to notice a pattern :upside_down_face: . So I just kinda sat down and read 10,000 characters. Was dragging by the end but I was close enough I wanted to hit that point. Just trying to distract myself in it, but hey, I’m learning I hope. The major arc has finally taken shape for this route I believe, but even then, I could still see the ending being a way off.

Slightly morbid word discussion

I came across 土左衛門 (どざえもん), the word for a drowned body. Lovely. Thing is, jisho says “after sumo wrestler Narusegawa Dozaemon.” I can’t really find a reliable looking source (probably need to be better at Japanese and search sites actually in the language), but the claim seems to be that this sumo wrestler was pale (and, well, sumo wrestler sized) so the comparison was made to the state that victims of drowning are found in. If that’s actually true, wow, imagine an entire new word being invented and spread to insult your appearance. That’s a whole other level.

Cool new word: 晴れ姿 (はれすがた), appearing in one’s finest clothes or in one’s hour of triumph. Neat.

Here for it

My dictionary lists this:

  • どざえもん (どざゑもん) [0]【土左▽衛門】〔享保(1716〜1736)の頃の力士成瀬川土左衛門が太っていて肌が白かったのを溺死者のようだといったことからという〕

Kyouhou Era - Sumo wrestler Narusegawa Dozaemon was said to be fat and pale like a drowned person
Drowning victim. Drowned corpse.
^ my usual rough translation standards

I couldn’t find much elaborating on that in a quick search, but there is this bizarre youtube video (you’ll hate the sound quality, it’s bad even to me)
Anyways I think these are drawings of him:


I finished the Star People story. The boy raised cattle, the girl was a weaver. They met in the Milky Way, fell in love, got married, and totally neglected their work. So the cattle got sick, people had no cloth, and the god got angry because everything and everyone was in a very bad way. So the god put the boy on one side of the Milky Way and the girl on the other, and created a chasm between them. They went back to their work, but cried all day every day. After a year the god sent birds to make a bridge in the Milky Way so the two could reunite, having learned their lessons. To this day in Japan, people celebrate the Star Festival by writing their wishes down and attaching them to bamboo grass.

New Vocabulary:

困る to be troubled, to be bothered, to be in a bad way

縁付く to marry

合う to come together, to meet (irregular use of kanji)

呼ぶ to summon, to call, to invoke

七夕 Star Festival (held in July or August)

Also my two new “Learn Japanese with Stories” books arrived today. So now I have four more books to read now that I have finished the entire set of Level 0 Graded Readers.


I don’t know if that counts, but 禾 as a radical is called (among other things) のぎ (as in ノ+木)


Continued reading モテ薬 (~8% done now) and feeling more and more justified in not continuing to struggle through with audio only. I bought the audiobook truly thinking it was my level listening to the preview snippet, but the number of 四字熟語 and medical words they’re throwing out in addition to some just plain ol’ fancy sentences are making me pause to look things up even when reading along.

So far it’s still set up. Claims of scientific fraud, murder, gossip, rumors. Love a good scandal. The writing style is a nice mix as well - prologue was 3rd person narration, 1st chapter was a letter format, and 3rd chapter is a single side of a conversation (well, interview really). I’m curious if it will settle into a single format as it goes along of if it will keep jumping perspectives and styles of storytelling.


Does anyone know how to read the highlighted section? I can’t tell if it’s bensho or besosho.
Now that I’ve written it out, it seems it must be the former but can anyone confirm?


Your instincts are right - it’s “benshou”! “So” (ソ) is more vertical than “n” (ン), though it does definitely take some getting used to (I still get ソ/ン and シ/ツ mixed up sometimes, especially in vertical text)


Summary Post

Day 35: May 5th
What did I read?: ダイロクセンス Vol 1
How much did I read?: 38 pages
How long did it take me?: 1 hour 2 min

Finished this one off today! Honestly I’m pretty exhausted so no big write up today :sweat_smile: But we did (sort of) definitively learn what happened to Rui’s sister…though I feel like more is definitely to come on that. Seems like there’s a lot to unpack there and we’ve only gotten little scraps so far :eyes: I also think it’s interesting that in every single flashback, Rui has black hair, not white. I guess that also came along with his power, which we still don’t know the origins of? Though it seems implied that maybe it has to do with what happened to his sister. I will definitely be continuing the series - the next volumes are on my overly-long List of Things to Buy from Amazon Japan When I Have Money xD

Good words
  • 死に様 (しにざま) - manner of death
  • 所謂 (いわゆる) - what is called; as it is called; the so-called; so to speak​
  • にしろ - whether … or …
  • 定年退職 (ていねんたいしょく) - (compulsory) retirement (e.g. on reaching the age of 65); mandatory retirement; reaching retirement age
  • 行きつけ - regular; usual; favorite; preferred; accustomed
  • 不確定要素 (ふかくていようそ) - variables; uncertain elements; uncertainties; imponderables
  • 万が一 (まんがいち) - (if) by some chance; by some possibility; in the unlikely event that; 10000 to 1
  • ガチ恋 (がちこい) - being in love with an idol, actor, etc.; fan who is in love with an idol, actor, etc.
  • 一歩手前 (いっぽてまえ) - just this side of; one step short of; on the brink
  • 瀕死 (ひんし) - (on the) verge of death
  • タンス貯金 (たんすちょきん) - mattress money
  • 手の込んだ (てのこんだ) - intricate; elaborate; complicated; complex

…excuse me
That’s the coolest language thing ever, I love it :o why did I not know this


I am disorganized and tired but I am now on page 146 of 失われた過去と未来の犯罪

Current findings are that it is easier to focus on only one book at once even though more books are tempting

Edit 5/6: 178
Edit 5/6 #2: 196


Read some more Shinymas today. In this chapter they had their test of courage and apparently Rinze is a pro when it comes to horror.

Natsuha got so spooked by Rinze there that she was even seeing fields of flowers after that

It was a very fun and funny chapter to read through today! Very much enjoying this story event so far.



I didn’t read as much as I’d planned/hoped to today. I was all set to, but then I started watching some videos on youtube, and then some Murdoch Mysteries, and I ended up just kinda letting myself not really do anything for most of the day. Still somehow managed to stay on top of my WK reviews for once in quite a while though.

I did, however, read the 描き下ろし ch 11 of クールドジ男子!

Why is my first thought still "Harold…" even when the second half wouldn't be "they're lesbians"

Apparently Hayate is bad with women when it comes to viewing them in a romantic light?? “恋愛する前提で女の人を見るの苦手だし。” His friend Kurosaki says it’s because he went to an all-boys high school and invites him to a goukon for practice because he’s a second-year in college already! (If he dates Mima, he won’t have to worry about trying to interact with women romantically, just saying. Not that I at all expect anything like that to happen in canon lol)

This entire conversation though, he’s been keeping his eye on his phone which he has on the table next to him, and Kurosaki takes notice of it even before the phone of the gal sitting next to them vibrates with a notification and Hayate checks his own. I wonder who he’s been half-expecting a text from~ (I put the squiggly because I’m getting 13 fic ideas, but really, who.)

(The 13 is my ship name for Ichikura and Mima, not that it’s giving me 13 ideas. I have maybe half of two, maybe three separate ones. I don’t feel like trying to come up with “proper” ship names for them so I’m just using their numbers. Also I pronounce it as “one-three” rather than “thirteen.” Shun and Souma are 24, though I think I call them “twenty-four” more than I do “two-four”… I don’t really talk about them though so I’m not really sure.)

Apparently, rather than a goukon, it’s more of a drinking party with some gals from S Uni, though Hayate still gets intimidated, thinking, “The worlds we live in are too different…” when the gals are introduced. One of the gals takes an interest in him and catches him coming out of the bathroom to see if he’ll take her home or at least if she can get his LINE info, but it goes completely over his head lol. His phone is dead because either the cord didn’t connect properly or it’s broken, and the poor gal’s friend tells her that him saying his phone is dead is probably just him letting her down easy, but no, it’s really true, and he really just did not realize she was coming on to him.

He gets home and finds that his charging cable wasn’t plugged in to the outlet, and it’s working fine. When his phone boots up, he finds a couple messages from Shun updating him on how his tests went (not all 100s like he’d boasted he’d get, but they are all high marks), though I don’t think that’s who he was expecting to text him earlier. His reaction is more, “Huh, I got a text from Shun-kun,” like it’s a mild surprise or something. So yeah!! I’m curious!! Who was he wanting to text him?!?!

Shun has a handball tournament on the weekend, and invites Hayate to come if he’s interested. (そっか… この大会のためにテスト頑張ってたもんな… 絶対行こう) That’ll be the next chapter, and it looks like it’ll feature everyone. Also, I hadn’t mentioned it before, but Shun calls Hayate “sensei,” it’s cute.

I also did the mission to recruit Revali in ゼルダ無双. I know judging by recommended level, he should be 3rd or 4th, not first, but he’s my fave, I couldn’t not! Also the recommended level for these are 5 and 6, and we’re already all Lv 7, so. This was my first time encountering 民 read as たみ. It seems this is how it’s read as a standalone word, while as a suffix it’s みん. Anyway, I’m happy the cutscenes that are just narration over the challenge loading screen are advance-at-your-own-pace, because I definitely can’t read/comprehend that quickly, even when I don’t have to look things up. The actual cutscenes with characters talking I tend to miss about half of, but when I can take my time, I can more or less understand it. I wonder when my reading speed will increase…

Also, I may just be biased, but I love how Revali refers to himself as この僕. I really hate that boss fight against him, though, he’s a pain in the ass. 厄介なやつやな。

Some vocab of note:

追求 (ついきゅう) [noun, する verb] pursuit (of a goal, ideal, etc.); search; chase; seeking after
二次会 (にじかい) [noun] after-party; second party (of the night)
醍醐味 (だいごみ) [noun] the real pleasure (of something); the real thrill; the true charm
襲う (おそう) [ア五, transitive] to make a sudden visit
侵入者 (しんにゅうしゃ) [noun] intruder; invader; trespasser; raider
羽毛 (うもう) [noun] feathers; plumage; down


April 5th (Calendar Post)

Completed 私の拳をうけとめて! yey~

Started 魔女が恋する5秒前, which an anthology. In general I am not a big fan of anthologies, but this one seems pretty fun so far.

私の拳をうけとめて! => 9 pages (14 min)
魔女が恋する5秒前 => 39 pages (54 min)

Some fun panels from today:



May 5
This week is flying by. :flying_saucer:

I started playing/reading Dragon’s Quest V with a fellow wanikanier! It was so fun. We both never played a Dragon’s Quest game before, and we’re similar WK levels. It seems to be the perfect fit so far where we’re still looking up words, but nothing’s been too challenging. Between the two of us we come to an interpretation that makes sense.


May 5 :cherry_blossom: Home Post

Today was a “read a few sentences to check off the box” kinda day :joy: I just got side-tracked doing other things so not much reading, just a few lines from ツルネ but that’s okay! Soon it’ll be summer and I can go absolutely wild lmao