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Day LIII: この音とまれ! pg.101-107 & ほら吹き男爵 チーズの島 :cheese:

6 pages today!

Read today’s worldtale, from Germany, about an island made entirely out of cheese in a giant sea of milk… I guess whoever wrote it really liked their cheese. Everything is made of cheese: the trees, the rocks, the houses, and he eats it Mmm, cheesetree

Whoa… there is a cocoa hot spring?! and now a wine hot spring?? And you get to choose from white, red and rosé… then it just… ends. I am so confused as to what just happened, I swear, whoever wrote this was hungry before bed and had some mad fever dream about cheese.

~ New Words ~
男爵 (だんしゃく) - Baron, and 男爵芋, is an Irish Cobbler potato.
長旅 (ながたび) - Long trip
ぶどう酒 (ぶどうしゅ) - Grape wine, seems like a more specific word for ワイン.
ふわり - Softly (onomatopoeia)

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