📚📚 Read every day challenge - Fall/Autumn 2021 🍁🍂🦝

Home post October 12th I did a thing.

So uhm today a thing happened, and I hold you all responsible.

alt: I marked demon slayer as reading.

Today I typed up the first ~25 pages + a few random pages here and there to start mining for vocab, and I started realising that for the most part the grammar wasn’t as scary as I thought and actually seemed maybe kind of almost approachable.

So then I approached it, today I read almost 3 pages of demon slayer (almost as I have to go back and redo 2 sentences that I get the meaning of but I don’t 100% get the grammar of), so maybe 2.5 pages.

I’m kind of expecting the difficulty to suddenly increase once I get further in, so I may have to pause reading it later on, but for now I’m giving it a go.

The chain of fault causation inspiration.

Aria had been on my radar, funnily enough maybe 2 days earlier I was looking at the wikipedia page for it trying to decide if I was interested. The world seemed interesting, but the characters core motivation of wanting to be a gondola tour guide on new mars was a bit off putting, still uhming and ahhing over if I should explore it.

Hmmm I’ve never been bitten by the sports anime/manga bug, but it won’t hurt to try, thanks for the recommendations :slight_smile: .

loads up bookwalker
Ohhh those covers do look surprisingly enticing for a sports manga… colour me intrigued :thinking:.

I tried to warn you =D

I had known that at some point I would just have to struggle through something to try get an entry point into my genres of interest, but I keep thinking my grammar isn’t enough yet, will have to see how quickly I NOPE out of demon slayer =D

+1, even in my native tongue they can be a pain, I’m not yet brave enough to try it in a 2nd language I barely know.

Awesome, thanks for the recommendation, I hadn’t seen this book club before so colour me very excited. Added to my watch list =D

Thanks everyone for the replies, recommendations, and inspiration - it really does mean a lot :smiley: :pray: