📚📚 Read every day challenge - Fall/Autumn 2021 🍁🍂🦝

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Sept 19 - I read a few pages of 僕らの天使ゲーム
Sept 20 - I didn’t read anything (my streak :cry:). I had homework to do for the next day and I had to prioritise that over reading Japanese. It’s okay though, especially since I really like what I’m studying now. Changing university and major has been so scary (it still is) but I have never been surrounded by people with similar interests as mine before (everyone speaks Chinese, Japanese or Korean and we all love learning languages) and it’s really fun. We celebrated the mid-automn festival at uni today. Speaking of which…

Despite celebrating it today, I completely forgot to go see the moon tonight. :laughing: I was about to post my progress here but I always read the last posts before and thanks to yours, I remembered about the moon and went outside to see it!! :full_moon:
Sept 21 - I read a few pages of 僕らの天使ゲーム (I’m now at page 127/354)

Vocab (I don't have time for furigana but I might add them later ^^)

園児 : kindergarten pupil
引き抜き : recruitment; scouting
不動産屋 : real estate agent
成り立つ : to be viable (of a business, lifestyle, etc.)
根負け : running out of patience
立ち退き : eviction
茶飯事 : commonly occurring thing; commonplace event; bread and butter item
しょっちゅう : always
紅潮 : blush
昂ぶる : to be proud; to become excited

Congrats for finishing your first novel @sycamore !! :sparkles: :sparkles: