📚📚 Read every day challenge - Fall/Autumn 2021 🍁🍂🦝

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20 days!

Day XX: 酒呑童子 & アワの長者 :sake:

—Double Story Combo (again)—

酒呑童子: Today’s 「百物語」 story.

Kinda disturbing that a disembodied head descends from the skies while going “グワグワグワーァ” in search of alcohol :laughing:

New place: 大江山

Sake measurement counter: 升. Surprised WaniKani doesn’t mention this, or perhaps it does and I can’t remember. I always thought it meant just ‘grid’. Just checked, it does mention that it can mean ‘measuring container’… I think I need to reread some of the alternate meanings on here again. :sweat_smile:

アワの長者: Today’s 「日本の民話」 story.

It was a bit harder listening along with this story because the guy’s voice was a bit fast and mushed the sounds together, so I had to pause and rewind a lot. But this one has epic music and sound effects, I was so there, in that desolate field where no crops grow or in the (!! new word !!) 荒地 (あれち) - wasteland.

[[ 神々しい白い馬 ]]

Sort of a new word: 神々 - I didn’t know you could use the repeater with 神.

Moral of the story: Share your millet or the rats will get it.

I want to know how you keep finding such cute manga to read!
The sharks, the tanuki, the cat… AHHHHHH too much, can’t handle

( •̀ㅁ•́;)