📚📚 Read every day challenge - Fall/Autumn 2021 🍁🍂🦝

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thanks for the info I will check it out!!!


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20 days!

Day XX: 酒呑童子 & アワの長者 :sake:

—Double Story Combo (again)—

酒呑童子: Today’s 「百物語」 story.

Kinda disturbing that a disembodied head descends from the skies while going “グワグワグワーァ” in search of alcohol :laughing:

New place: 大江山

Sake measurement counter: 升. Surprised WaniKani doesn’t mention this, or perhaps it does and I can’t remember. I always thought it meant just ‘grid’. Just checked, it does mention that it can mean ‘measuring container’… I think I need to reread some of the alternate meanings on here again. :sweat_smile:

アワの長者: Today’s 「日本の民話」 story.

It was a bit harder listening along with this story because the guy’s voice was a bit fast and mushed the sounds together, so I had to pause and rewind a lot. But this one has epic music and sound effects, I was so there, in that desolate field where no crops grow or in the (!! new word !!) 荒地 (あれち) - wasteland.

[[ 神々しい白い馬 ]]

Sort of a new word: 神々 - I didn’t know you could use the repeater with 神.

Moral of the story: Share your millet or the rats will get it.

I want to know how you keep finding such cute manga to read!
The sharks, the tanuki, the cat… AHHHHHH too much, can’t handle

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Home post

Day 19:

日本語: I read a fair amount of はめふら 10.


中国語: I read 去中国旅游.


Summary post
September 20

・Read Honzuki 6. (19% → 21%)
・Read 乳と卵. (5% → 8%) Sentences are getting longer :eyes: :sweat_drops:


Very original covers. Although it’s my fault for reading the same garbage over and over lol


月9 日20 ・ Read four pages of ボンボン魔女犬! They were a mix of easy and medium difficulty. For example, I didn’t know the word for “thicket”. (I actually still don’t know it, but I read it twice haha.) ボンボン once again has gotten into trouble by sniffing something that smelled realllly good. :joy: Today is the weekly bookclub “deadline”, so I posted a short comment いい匂いなら、危ないことですよ、ボンボンさん!!!, and will probably write a longer one later.

I also decided I want to improve faster, so I am bringing back flashcards (SRS style). I checked out my anki for the first time in probably 6 months. My main Japanese deck had 900 (give or take a few) reviews ready and waiting for me. I was able to bring the total count down to 851. Hopefully every day I can shave off a few more reviews.

my calendar


Day 13

What did I read:

  • 大海原と大海原, Pages 49-50

Sakemichi get his boldness being hit out of him by Wadanohara’s octopus familiar. XD Quite a sudden comedy scene during a pretty serious moment.

  • 鹿の王, 生き残った者

Started reading 生き残った者 chapter. It’s hard. Hard in a way where I need to look up almost every word, and every second grammar, so today’s page took more than 1.5 hour as result. It’s not a bad thing though, since it’s all done for the sake of practice along with reading for the sake of reading. I should say that even tho my level is obviously lower than needed, still can appreciate writer’s style of writing (which is a novelty to my with Japanese). Story: Chapter starts with Van seeing a dream about his homeland. He notes that the river there was beautiful, and the in autum, tree’s leafs were turning red and yellow then to fall into the river and dissapear without a trace. With that, Van says that “Eventually, it’ll happen. No matter who, eventually it’ll happen”. I’m clumpsy at describing it, but honestly this part of the text is a very poetic way to explain death. Along with the prologue it makes me think that apparently the finiteness of life is going to be a central topic of the story?
Then Van thinks to himself that while he sees these dreams about his childhood, he never sees dreams of how they were defeated in battle and enslaved, nor how people dear to him died in from of him, while he vividly remembers it when he’s awoke.


Summary Post

September 20th
Satori Reader: Secret, episode 45.

Random words
  • 待ちに待つ = まちにまつ to wait for a long time, to eagerly wait.
  • おしゃれ = smartly dressed, stylish, dressed up.
  • 膨れる = ふくれる to swell out, to expand, to inflate.
  • つつく = to poke repeatedly and lightly (with one’s finger, a stick, etc).

I’ve noticed that I’m encountering words that I studied at some point in WK but don’t remember as well as I had expected (which is completely natural anyway). I think the reason for that is that the focus in WK was actually learning how to read and recognise the kanji in the vocabulary, and attaching some quick meaning to it. But having no context, there was no need to actually picture the situation in my head and know exactly what was happening, so I ended up forgetting the meaning of a lot of words.

However! What has stuck like fire has been the actual recognising of the kanji and their readings. I’m so grateful, because I know how to read stuff, and now it’s relatively easy to attach meaning to it, whereas before the struggle was actually knowing how to read a text, AND decipher its meaning. Now I can “almost” exclusively focus on dechipering the meaning and work on making sense of the syntax (even though I encounter new kanji fairly frequently).

On the other side, recalling the kanji and knowing how to write them is a different beast that I’ve been slowly working on for quite a long time already. Which is fun! But it will take a much longer time than solely recognising them. There’s probably no real need for it nowadays, but I just really like being able to write them too. I feel that it helps recognition a lot too.


Summary post

Day 20: September 20
What did I read?: 夜は猫といっしょ Vol 1
How much did I read?: 8 pages
How long did it take me?: 11 min

I admit
Today was very much a “check the box, keep the streak” day :rofl:
I worked for 11 hours straight todayyy and the rest of the week is not looking terribly promising. I did not realize how long this work thing was going to take and now I’m slightly panicking even though the deadline is a week away. It’s fine, I’m fine, we’re fine. Everything is fine

This chapter, though, is about the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. Why does this cat look so squishy :sob: I want to squish him~

And play with his little earsss


Good words:
就寝 (しゅうしん) - going to bed; retiring (for the night) (what an appropriate word for this moment)
整頓 (せいとん) - orderliness; put in order; tidying up; arranging neatly

I don’t know, cute things just find me D:
I legit can’t remember how I even found this one lol, I think it was a suggestion on Amazon when I was buying the tanuki manga maybe? I bought them both at the same time. Most of my non-book club reads come from me seeing pretty covers in the “related items” on Amazon xD

( •̀ㅁ•́;)
protect the tanuki


Summary post

Day 20: Read another two pages of よつば&!Yotsuba is so adorable, man.


I loved that moment so much, was just perfect, solidified my choice of favourite character.


I’ve been a little forgetful in posting updates here cause of life. I’ve been keeping up reading consistently since the day I posted. I’m reading through a graded reader on tadoku each day. Didn’t end up getting around to crystal hunters yet, but this weekend, for sure. As I’ve got a bit less life intensity clamouring for my attention.


I relate to this so much rn. Good job checking that box! I hope things work out for you with your deadline. May there be happy :raccoon: in your future.

I read this week’s 小川未明 story, my favorite so far, and a couple pages of リゼロ

Finished week 5 of 人間失格, the last few pages of キノの旅 (which was a re-read), and read a couple more pages of リゼロ. Eventually I’ll finish it. :upside_down_face:


:house_with_garden: home post

:heavy_check_mark: Day 12 (9月 20日) :sparkles:

What did I read:
上級への扉 , dialogue texts, during my lesson. no unknown words this time around either, wow
歴史366 , just one story because I was :sleeping: :sleeping:

Honestly, this was also a very much “do it for the strike, tick the box” day for me as well… If it weren’t for the lesson and the one story, I probably would have missed this day… I was exhausted tbh :pensive:


20 for yesterday ( I also just started yesterday so that was my first day )

I read 元気 1 the education book pg.56 at the flea market かいもの!!! I didn’t understand a few word (40 %) but I could get a general sense of what was happening. Girl dropped her wallet and all smh

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Home post - September 21st today I read a few pages of チーズスイートホーム (1) from chapter 9, although only 1 of them required much work.


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Day XXI: !!お月見 !! :full_moon:

Since today is Otsukimi I thought I’d read about it.

I would super love to be able to go to a moon viewing some day. Sounds beautiful! as well as dem delicious dango.

I found this really cool article explaining the meanings and origins, plus there’s a cute little rabbit friend to accompany you and tell you all about it. :rabbit2:

Oh yeah, now we are talking.

(Incidentally, I don’t think I’ve seen dango written in kanji before so now I know Now we know)


This is bad. Very bad. There’s a LINK to BUY the DUMPLING??
Clicking on the Amazon link and it’s even LESS at ¥1,544… this is dangerous…

Ah no, there’s another one

So… hungry…

There’s a third advert now :sob: :sob: :sob:

Wait a minute… now they’re advertising little ornaments that are kinda cute have I been baited into a commercial trap??


Hmm hmm, you’re quite right… perhaps I do need a stand to display that mountain of delicious delicious dumpling.

参考価格:27,500円 :scream: :scream: :scream:

And I need chopsticks too? Okay, if I must

Yes, you raise a good point ウサギちゃん, I can reuse those chopsticks…

Oh deary deary me, have you not tempted me enough? Now we are bringing in the sake?! :sob: :sob:

This was an interesting article and I feel I have learned more about the moon viewing, but… now I am positively hungry and financially conflicted.

Conclusion: I need to go to a moon viewing.


Home post

Day 20:

日本語: I read a fair amount of パノラマ島綺譚 and a lot of はめふら 10.


中国語: I read 买衣服.


Summary post

I’ve been catastrophically bad at updating in this thread but I’ve been enjoying reading every else’s updates :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I was off work last week which was lovely but now I’m back and it’s back to being super stressful and I’m already exhausted, bleh.

But anyway - on sunday I finished reading ハリーポッタ賢者の石 so I officially finished reading my first novel in Japanese :tada: :tada: :tada:! I mean, because it’s a translation of something I’ve read before in English it definitely let me away with some laziness sometimes but it’s still pretty cool. That said, I’m not sure what I want to read next novel-wise! I’m almost sad because by the last quarter of HP I had picked up enough of the writing style and vocab that it was a really nice easy read and now I need to go back to the start haha. I still need to finish NO.6 but it really is above my reading level just now I think so I would like to find something else that’s on the easier side. If anyone else has some good recommendations for beginner friendly novels to read in Japanese please let me know! :slight_smile: