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20th november

home post

more professor layton, finished chapter seven and think i’m about halfway through chapter 8? there was a long chunk towards the end where i couldn’t save cos it was all cutscenes or dialogue but difficulty-wise it wasn’t too bad. this marks my fourth (at least) japanese game in a row with police corruption as a relatively major plot point, i don’t know if i’m just noticing it more or i’m picking the wrong (right?) kinds of games here :joy:

today’s nhk article was this one (which they seem to have updated since), did three parts and finished a granblue chapter, and read the entries on こそ and こと in aDoIJG

words that stood out:
感服(かんぷく)(admiration, being impressed (by))
シック - chic
ホラを吹く(ふく)(to boast, to brag)
驚愕(きょうがく)(astonishment, amazement, shock)