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9th november

home post

more professor layton, i think i’m very close to finishing chapter 4 but haven’t quite made it yet. really wide variety of character speech styles so far (tho no dialect yet). it occasionally asks for input too (like, ‘here’s the question, the answer is 3 hiragana characters,’ or something similar) so sometimes even if i know the answer to a puzzle i have to remember the japanese word for it too which is a nice reminder that i really need to practice that more.

today’s nhk article was this one, did one part of a granblue chapter, and read the entries on から~に至るまで and から~にかけて in aDoIJG

words that stood out:
レイトン教授(きょうじゅ):あたい (I (feminine/child language), 恋路(こいじ) (romance, love’s pathway), ()()とす (to knock down the price of, to make a successful bid (at auction)), and 競売(きょうばい) (auction) which helpfully appeared in the same sentence as オークション.