📚📚 Read every day challenge - Fall 2023 🧣🍂🍁

26 october

home post

volume 21 of jjk complete with minimal attempts to throw it at a wall :joy: this time there was some french, references to other manga (which weren’t hard to look up tbf), a jujutsu explanation that was so long it came with a disclaimer, some pachinko-specific language, and a volume preview that’s literally illegible! i liked the middle bit onwards with panda and then the fight with kashimo tho, was fun even if i’m losing track of the bigger picture

reading jjk took a while so only these two nhk easy articles (in that second one does the pen not damage the butterfly’s wings?), the entries on がたい and 逆に in aDoIJG, and finished watching kurohyou 2. think the ending could have done with a bit more fleshing out and the twist where ryou can actually see is stupid, but it was still a fun time overall. if i ever get chance (unlikely but you never know) i’d definitely play both one and two.

words that stood out:
呪術廻戦:凪ぐ(なぐ)(to become calm, to die down), 漲る(みなぎる)(to swell (of water/emotion), to be brimming with) and 前のめり (pitching forward (as if to fall), proactive, hasty) mostly cos i looked at it and went ‘what’s めり??’ before i realised where i’d gone wrong :sweat_smile: