📚📚 Read every day challenge - Fall 2023 🧣🍂🍁

16th october

home post

read vol 16 of jjk and…they’ve gone back to being really hard again :joy: lots of new ability names, getou’s speech is really tricky for me for some reason and also i struggled to follow parts of it from a structure standpoint. ah well.at least i was prepared for the kansai-ben. do okkotsu and itadori really have to fight tho…

today’s nhk article was this one which was very long (and part one of three!) so i was flagging by the end but i got there. think it’s a written version of something that was originally broadcast on tv which might be why. read the aDoIJG entries on だからと言って and だけで. more kurohyou too, about 40 mins.

words that stood out:
呪術廻戦:一筋縄では行かない (not straightforward, not dealt with by ordinary means), 蘊蓄(うんちく)(vast stock of knowledge, great erudition), 竹刀(しない)(bamboo sword e.g. for kendo)
クロヒョウ:あくどい (gaudy, garish, crooked, unscrupulous), 元締め (manager, controller, boss (of a gambling den)).