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Oops, that’s what happens when I skip a whole read every day challenge thread until the end. (I’ll be around for the next one, though!)


I can’t comment on xxxHolic because I haven’t read it, but regarding Tsubasa Chronicles I only spontaneously remember three questionable relationships in that one (maybe there’s one or two more which I forgot about).

One would be a potentially implied incestuous relationship between the vampire twins (Subaru and Kamui?).
The other one would be Seishiro’s obsession with Subaru.
And the last one is the weirdest of them all: Shaolan (=Tsubasa) being in love with Sakura (=Tsubasa). In a way he’s in love with someone who’s a younger version of his mother – while his mother, timeline-wise came after Sakura (=Tsubasa) because she’s the copy of Tsubasa…aaand my brain is about to melt again.

Other than that, I don’t remember children/teenagers being in relationships with adults in Tsubasa.
This is probably one of the main reasons why Tsubasa is my favourite CLAMP series and the only work by them that I overall like instead of having a love-hate relationship with it.
So, I’d say that you won’t really encounter unpleasant surprises of this kind if or when you decide to reread this one. :slightly_smiling_face:


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・ 封印再度 (38% → 42%)
・ 本好きの下克上 15 (0% → 18%)

Finished week 4 of Saikawa and Moe 5 :smiley: Then I went ahead and started another volume of Honzuki :eyes: I’m having a blast. This arc is definitely my favorite so far, no doubt.

I really want to finish at least one more book before the next year starts and at the same time test myself. I don’t think I’ve ever finished a Honzuki book within a week. という訳(わけ)で、今年、最後のチャレンジなんです! nyoom :rocket:


Soon :tm: :eyes:
Actually I really need to do that tonight :joy: Idk how it’s the 27th already :upside_down_face:


Same. xD


New challenge thread is live! If you’re still continuing from the Fall challenge, feel free to keep posting updates here until the official start of the new challenge on January 1st ^^



This morning after updating, I played the first case in 逆転裁判. Aside from the specialized vocab, it was pretty easy, and I didn’t make any mistakes, which speaks positively for my comprehension. This is the easiest case, though. I don’t wanna say it took me almost two hours to play because it did not feel that long, but it was 2 a.m. when I finished and I don’t remember it being that long after midnight when I shut down my laptop, so uh.

This afternoon, I started playing the second case, but then got stuck on how to advance with Hoshikage’s office. Like, I can go there, but the guy’s never in, and near as I can reckon, I’ve done everything else I can everywhere else. If I can’t figure it out tomorrow, then it’ll be time to find a guide already.

I never thought about it until I started playing it this morning, but AA’s a VN, isn’t it.


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December 27

人間椅子 -

64 - 81

I was exhausted yesterday and had to be woken up to go sleep in a bed. Today’s a personal rest day, so hopefully I can make a lot more progress!


December 27 :maple_leaf: Home Post

I keep not reading until late despite being on break, why am I like this :joy: I’ll get better!! But anyway I remembered that I hadn’t touched マミヤ in a while and I didn’t want to completely lose track of what was happening in it, so I played a bit and it’s all just as pretty as I remember. Still no real idea what’s going on, but I think that’s the nature of it really. Another one to keep in the rotation :man_shrugging:

Oh big mood, it’s horrible for productivity :laughing:

I’m only like an hour in but as I said I’ve really enjoyed it, I’ve also heard so many rave reviews about it that it seems like a pretty safe bet if you even remotely like mysterious narrative kind of things. If nothing else there’s a demo so you can get a feel for it and see!

Welcome to the VN club :muscle:


@Jfredel78 and I are planning to read Reading Murakami Haruki's 1Q84 (Intermediate/Advanced Book) from January. We’ve both read the first part of the first book already, so we’re starting from Book 1 part 2. Is anybody interested in joining us? (If you still need to read Book 1 part 1 I’m sure we can find a solution that works for all of us.)
(Please be aware that this is Murakami so trigger warnings apply left and right.)


December 27 :heavy_check_mark: :ramen:

おいしいごはんが食べられますように, 12-38%

This books is addictive! Not all that much is happening, but it makes me want to keep turning pages. :popcorn:

Phew, that’s one I’ve already read in English, so I’m able to resist the temptation to join you. :sweat_smile:


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Day 48 Progress:
お隣の天使様 五冊 - 8.24% → 10.35%

I’ve failed again, given in to debauchery… These last few days off of work have been bad for my functionality as a human being. I actually need work to like reset my sleep schedule, lmao.

Word of the Day: 誰何すいか - challenging an unknown person or asking a person’s identity. Just an interesting word to me because I’ve literally never seen the on’yomi readings for either 誰 or 何 until now.


Dec 28, Wed of Extra week of Fall 2022 :maple_leaf:

  • SPY x FAMILY Vol.4 Ch.23 + extras (end volume)

  • うたわれるもの

Maniacal laughter here too. Very ominous.

Interesting words
  • さが = one’s nature. Kanji form is 性(さが), in written in Kanji in dictionary.
  • ハリボテ = something that looks good superficially. From 張りぼて, probably an overdone 彫(ほ)る.
  • しこたま(.) = a whole lot of
  • うんたらかんたら(.) = yada yada
  • アスレチック(.) = an outdoor adventure playground / athletic sports
  • しわがれる = to become hoarse. しわがれた声(こえ) in context, but しわがれ声(ごえ) in dictionary. Kanji form is 嗄(しわが)れる.
  • つんのめる = to fall forward. From 突(つ)く + のめる, where the latter means to fall forward (but not pulled with force?).
  • わざわざ = expressly. Kanji form is 態々(わざわざ).
  • ほんのり = slightly. 本(ほん)の is also slightly. I think of り as 里(り).
  • ばっくれ(.) = feigning ignore. From バックレる / しらばくれる.
  • 由々(ゆゆ)しき = serious; grave. In context as 由々しき事態. Similar to 由々(ゆゆ)しい.
  • 大(おお)らか = composed; broad-minded / large quantity
  • 麗(うるわ)しい = lovely
  • 不届(ふとど)き = rude; insolent
  • 吹(ふ)かす = to smoke (a cigarette). Probably 吸(す)う is OK too. (But not 吹(ふ)く.)
  • 蔑(さげす)む = to hold in contempt = 軽蔑(けいべつ)する
  • æ­©(あゆ)む = to walk on foot
  • 見逸(みそ)れる = to underestimate. In context as おみそれ.
  • 引(ひ)きずる = to drag along. Full Kanji form is 引(ひ)き摺(ず)る.
  • 持(も)ち運(はこ)ぶ = to carry along
  • 恐(おそ)れ入(い)る = to be astonished
  • 某(ぼう)~ = certain
  • 普遍(ふへん) = universal
  • 無難(ぶなん) = safe (e.g. of a choice); risk-free; passable
  • 相場(そうば) = reputation / speculation
  • 莫迦(ばか) = Baka. Of course similar to 馬鹿(ばか).
  • 庶民(しょみん) = commoner
  • 駄犬(だけん) = a dog with no pedigree; mongrel. Opposite is 名犬(めいけん).
    • A homophone is 打鍵(だけん) = keystrokes (of a keyboard)
  • 白髪(しらが) = white hair; gray hair
  • 子音(しいん) = consonants. Opposite is 母音(ぼいん), e.g. a, u, o.
    • A homophone is 死因(しいん).
  • 失血(しっけつ) = heavy blood loss; exsanguination
  • 秘訣(ひけつ) = secret trick
  • 秘話(ひわ) = secret story
  • 終結(しゅうけつ) = an end; a conclusion
  • 間食(かんしょく) = snacks
  • 保護(ほご) = taking to protection; taking to guardianship
  • 長官(ちょうかん) = director. A boss of officials. In contrast, 小官(しょうかん) simply means, humbly me.
  • 日柄(ひがら) = today’s condition (lucky? unlucky? auspicious?)
  • 儀式(ぎしき) = rites
  • 統率(とうそつ) = commanding
  • 瓦解(がかい) = collapsing. What to be resolved from bricks (煉瓦(れんが)).
  • 幼少(ようしょう) = infancy; childhood. In context is 幼少期(ようしょうき).
  • 適宜(てきぎ) = appropriate; discretionary
  • 拝謁(はいえつ) = having an audience with an emperor. Has Furigana.
  • 玉座(ぎょくざ) = throne
  • 樹立(じゅりつ) = establishment; founding
  • 妙齢(みょうれい) = young (woman). Kanji from å¹´é½¢(ねんれい).
  • 度外視(どがいし) = disregarding
  • 薄情者(はくじょうもの) = insensitive person. 薄情(はくじょう) is being insensitive.
  • 司令室(しれいしつ) = control room. 司令(しれい) = commander / giving commands.
  • 善後処置(ぜんごしょち) = remedial measures. 善後(ぜんご) = planning for a good future.
  • 全知全能(ぜんちぜんのう) = omniscience and omnipotence
  • 可(か)もなく不可(ふか)もなし = neither good nor bad
  • 食(く)い気味(ぎみ) = butting in. Similar to 食(く)い込(こ)み気味(ぎみ).
  • 造詣(ぞうけい)が深(ふか)い = profoundly knowledgeable. The second Kanji is from 初詣(はつもう)で, but it’s probably the first time I see On’yomi.


  • どたんこ = probably a thud (a hard object falls down)
  • じんわり = steadily seeping out. じんわり温かい.
  • ギョッと = being startled
  • むんず = strongly; violently; with all one’s strength
  • しんなり = soft, tenderly. From しなやか.


  • è©£(ケイ)
    • attain knowledge from a temple
    • ケイ
      • 造詣(ぞうけい),     参詣(さんけい)
    • Kun readings
      • 初詣(はつもう)で,     è©£(もう)でる

December 28th

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Card Captor Sakura volume 4 – progress report

Yesterday: Began reading volume 4, read up to page 26.
Today: Finished chapter 15, continued up to page 61.

Yesterday, I put the worst part of the chapter behind me, therefore today’s reading was much less unpleasant. I was completely blindsided by Shaolan mentioning that he has an older sister as I didn’t remember him having siblings at all. Though, I don’t think we ever get to see her in the manga, or at least I don’t remember seeing her in any way.

Word or expression of the day:
一人暮らし - (ひとりぐらし) - living by oneself, living alone

Honourable mention(s):
ヤシの実 - (やしのみ) - coconut


December 28 :heavy_check_mark: :ramen:

おいしいごはんが食べられますように, 38-71%

I went a little crazy today and couldn’t stop reading. :sweat_smile: Can you tell that I’m enjoying this book a lot?


I’m finally done with my 2023 reading :melting_face: Anything that won’t be finished til 2023 (ユージニア and anything I start now) will be popped into those page counts, so I’m calling it at 7382 pages.

That is…18 books? Not counting audiobooks. And 38 short stories. And 8 manga volumes (I don’t count the pages in manga since they’re so text sparse in comparison so mixing feels odd to me).

I now have 3 days to relax, read English books, maybe finish the ウテナ manga, maybe start おいしいごはん :palm_tree:


There, fixed that for you :laughing:

No, seriously. We are having a lot of fun over in its thread, you should really come and join us for the :popcorn: ! :grin:


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・ 本好きの下克上 15 (18% → 33%)

Reading continues. Did some other stuff too today, mom taught me how to make homemade tomato sauce as a side dish for fried eggs, that was great.


28/12 24 pages かみさまがまちがえる, 24 pages Orange (finished letter 20), 1 page 夜カフェ

Finished one book - I’m now down to reading 5 books or manga actively (until I start the next volume of シャドーハウス).

I was hoping to catch up with all clubs by the end of the week but doesn’t look likely. We’ll see.


December 28th!

I read chapter 21 of Orange today. Only one chapter left of the main story now… I’m really keen to see what happens so I think I might end up reading it tomorrow instead of waiting until next week to read it with the bookclub… I haven’t quite decided yet!

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