Random thoughts after 1 year on WaniKani

Haha well I hope I’m not you or I’d be talking to myself which wouldn’t be too great <__<;;; (but ya I feel you tremendously about any type of grammar).

Seriously, though, thanks for the suggestion! I’ll give that YouTube channel a look and see if it helps - cheers ^_^.


This stuff is great! Recently I am making so much mistakes for some burnable stuff because they have similar kanji in my apprentice list like that. Thanks for this :smiley:


Congratulations on your first year of WKing! Your goals for next year are totally do-able.

Yep… English is my first language and I can’t tell you how long it took me to realize that particles and participles were different creatures. What has been working for me is to “forget” I know English and just learn Japanese grammar on its own. Trying to make 1:1 connections was a huge road bock. As for resources… I mix it up with online classes and you tube. More than one SRS in my life is too much.


Thanks for the kind words and tips ^_^! I’ve noticed as well that doing more than one SRS system can be challenging / draining so I’ll definitely be taking a look at some YouTube channels. Also, I don’t really know anything around English grammar so I have nothing to forget :smiley: - that’s good right >__>;? (I’ll keep in mind to try not to think about what works in English and project it to Japanese)

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You may want to try this youtube channel: Cure Dolly.

Sound quality of the early videos especially may not be the best


Thanks for the rec! Omun mentioned that channel as well ^.^ - I watched an episode or two and it’s fascinating because it’s both kind of creepy and weird, but I also felt like a lot of things made sense and I learned some things. :slight_smile:

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I’m also a fan of Cure Dolly. I also think her explanation on the basic structure of Japanese sentence makes the most sense compared to any textbook or websites I’ve seen. The が and は distinction is one of the most puzzling matter for me before, and she was able to explain it in one video.


Wow…thanks for sharing! Our journeys sound very similar…we started at the same time and we’re both at the same level! Technically I’ve graduated to Level 11 but I haven’t finished doing the vocab lessons for Level 10 yet.

As for me, after reading some posts I got very disheartened because I felt I was so slow…so I really focussed on lessons around June/July but that was a mistake as I then became totally overwhelmed but all the information! I almost gave up, thinking it was beyond me to learn another language but instead I stopped doing lessons and just focussed on reviews so I could conquer some of my leeches!

I didn’t know about the heat map but I’ve downloaded it and below are my screen shots for reviews and lessons!

And funnily enough my aims for 2020 are the same as yours…another 10 levels and start doing some grammar to put all the vocab I’ve learnt into action…I just don’t know where to start as there are so many options!

Thanks again for posting…I don’t feel so alone knowing there’s someone else out there with a similar journey and timeline as me!! :slight_smile: :grin:

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Aw that makes me really happy <3 - I’m glad I could help by sharing the slowpoke speed I’m going lol. Nice job sticking it out through those tough times. I definitely relate to that feeling of, “this may be beyond me.” I still am unsure if I’ll ever really be able to learn Japanese (to the point that I could read or speak it) - but I do think we’re making progress regardless!

I’ve been really working on those leeches lately, too. The self-study script has been really awesome at making it so I can target apprentice and guru items from levels far gone.

As an fyi - if you want to make sure you finish vocab before going on, there’s a script that can re-order your lessons so that you do vocab words first. I like doing that so that when I finish all the kanji I’m basically done with the level and I don’t level up in weird ways.

Anywho - keep it up! Hope to see you still here in a year ^.^

i don’t think you have to actually use all of the vocab. in some cases, it might be difficult to find a context for them, and a number of them are rather obscure and would make you sound like an old fart from the countryside. they’re all good to at least passively know though.

Sorry if it was mentioned…but where is the heat map from? Is it from wkstats?

Edit: btw- 1st post :slightly_smiling_face: (only took 10 levels)


Hello hello, welcome!

It’s one of the scripts from the OP. ^^


Nice, thank you Omun!


Btw i tried using bunpro but. I don’t understand what exactly to do… some grammer feel like vocabulary to me. Other don’t make any sense. Do you have a good way of how to study grammer in bunpro or any way really ? (Didn’t stick with it much bc of the pervious reasons)

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Welcome to the forums and grats on the first post ^_^. Looks like Omun got your question answered. I’d definitely recommend checking out some of the other scripts or tools I linked in the first post. They can really help make your life easier - cheers :slight_smile:

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When I started using BunPro daily, I was also doing daily listening practice, and I started reading native stuff pretty regularly. Without the extra exposure to and reinforcement of the grammar that I was learning, I think BunPro wouldn’t have been as effective and sustainable for me. So what worked better for me was not to study grammar in a vacuum. :slight_smile:

You can consider participating in one of the book clubs. Or the picture book challenge, if you think manga and books are still too much right now.

Unfortunately not every resource clicks with everyone, but I hope you’ll find something that works for you!


Omun is wholesome. Listen to his advice.


When WaniKani makes images like this that do a good job showing what the different kana mean, I’m very surprised we don’t see these kinds of images or just any image at all for visual learners on every lesson to really reinforce their meaning to the word. Like all of the examples of Kouichi slowly adding to the pic as we learn would be hilarious and I think more memorable than trying to generate that picture in my own head but that could just be me.

But simply put, of the three learning types I was taught in school, visual, auditory, and kinesthetic (apparently there are more categorized types now), WaniKani so far makes use of only two of the three. Kinesthetic (AKA the hands-on" approach) learners have to type the word out themselves in kana form and auditory learners hear the vocabulary spoken to them on the success of getting the word right. All that’s missing is being shown an image when learning a word and being shown that image again every time you review it to cater to visual learners.

On that note, I think you might really enjoy the Drops app as it teaches Japanese using both words, sounds, and pictures along with gamifying the learning experience. It also restricts you to only using the app for five minutes every 10 hours (unless you get premium) which makes doing lessons and reviews less daunting similar to WaniKani. Side note: For the app, I personally recommend turning off the stroke order mini-game in the settings as it has given me issues that waste those precious seconds you get every 10 hours.

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Thanks for the suggestion! Definitely agree that it would be nice to have images to help out - I’ll give that app a look. Best of luck in your studies ^.^

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