Raephe's Tobira Thread!

Yes, there are Tobira threads on here already. Yes, there are Tobira study groups. However, that’s not how I like to boogie on the grammar train. Inspired by @as_per_humphrey’s threads about their journey through JAPN111, I want to make a thread for my progress through this textbook! Because I’m doing this as self-study, it will most definitely not be at a regular pace. But, I’d like to get any feedback I can on the compositions I do at the end of each chapter! Here’s what I made for Chapter One.

Prompts: using the grammar learned in this chapter, 1) describe the geography and climate of your country, and 2) describe some of your town’s famous products or places.





Not commenting on the compositions themselves (gomen), but if you’d like natives to correct your compositions, you could check out HelloTalk app. Cheers!


It’s looking like that might be the way I have to go :sweat_smile: but perhaps I’ll keep posting my compositions for the sake of tracking my progress!

(I also live in Japan and am surrounded by native speakers, but it feels weird to ask a coworker/friend to check my grammar homework, y’know?)

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Maybe you could find a language exchange partner so it doesn’t feel so weird asking a native for help/corrections? I’d assume it would be relatively easy to find someone if you’re living in Japan! :slight_smile:

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