Radicals in wrong order

When I got introduced to the “go” radical it made reference to the “loiter” radical, which I had never seen. Upon further investigation I found out that you learn the “loiter” radical in level six after the “go” radical in level five. It doesn’t make much sense to use a radical you will learn in the future to learn the current one does it?


There have been some changes in the past that might have caused it. I’ve seen some similar cases brought up here that the staff were aware of. Whatever the case I think they have mentioned another radical overhaul coming up and Kristen dropped this gem a while back:

Hopefully everything will be fixed soon™ :smiley:

I remember that being back in level 3 or 4… So it’s definitely moved, as ccookf said. Email hello@wanikani.com to add it to their list to fix. : D

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