Radical Review

I just started WaniKani and I’m at level 1
I completed the lesson for all the radicals of level 1
Even after that, I’m only getting a few radicals for review and sometimes I only get one 一 (ground) radical.
Is it normal to get only one radical for reviewing?
And also when will kanji for level 1 will get unlocked?

The time that an item comes up for review is determined by how long it has been since you last correctly reviewed it, and it increases each time you answer correctly.

If you had a review where you only had one radical appear, it means that you probably got all the other ones correct, and they are on a longer interval now, but the ground one was still on the shorter interval.

You need to answer 4 times correctly to get an item to the guru stage, which will unlock associated items.

If you do all your reviews as soon as they are available, this takes about a day and a half for level 1.

BTW, the general strokes of this are all spelled out in the FAQ and guide.


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