Radical and Kanji Building 宝

宝 - the lesson that incorporates this kanji says the radicals are king, drop and helmet. But if you look at it King and drop = ball, one of the first radicals you learn. Sometimes I feel like Im constantly going back and forth here.

Yeah the only problem is that 玉 isn’t taught as a radical on this site – this can happen, as well as sometimes a kanji only being taught as a radical later on, but it is what it is

The important part is that you make the mnemonics work for you, if you don’t like the explanation you can always come up with your own. They’re more of a tool made by WK to help learn the kanji, and eventually the individual radical components fade away as you review the kanji more, so it doesn’t really matter in the end

If I remember correctly, ball is a kanji, not a radical (on wk at least). But I get what you mean. That can be a little weird sometimes. For example, 疑 is part of 凝 and you learn it early on so I memorized congealed as being when doubt hits a tsunami, the tsunami congeals, but for 擬 I instead used their mnemonic. It depends on the particular kanji I guess, deciding what works. My thought on it is, if you like their radical use it, but if you want to use a kanji you know well as a radical in your mnemonic then that is fine too.

Ball isnt a radical.

The real issue is when then sometimes use that as king and sometimes as master like

There are a few other that go back and forth too. Luckily that doesnt happen too much.

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Why is that a gif he just barely shakes his head wat

Personally this kanji has a bit of meaning to me mainly because in Chinese it can be adoringly or embarrassing used by parents for their children.

My mnemonics are based off my basic Chinese background. The top radical looks like a roof and apparently it’s called うかんむり in Japanese. The bottom I’ve always memorized as jade, that green precious stone. Housed jade is quite the treasure.

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He is speaking but it is hard to see because of the helmet. Adds more effect.

I strongly suggest making your own mnemonics if you feel confused by this. I always combine the king and horns radicals into “demon king” radical when I learn Kanji with those components.

WK mnemonics are but a means to an end, and there’s countless other roads you can take. Thankfully they let you put meaning/reading notes in so take advantage of that feature!

psst, level 60 先輩, the radical in 凝 is ice, not tsunami. Two strokes, not three.

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Haha, thanks. That makes the mnemonic even easier. The doubt freezes/congeals into an icy state. Not sure how I messed that one up…:upside_down_face:

Also, the book club thing was neat. You are more like level 94 or so in terms of wanikani levels…that 8 is such a lie…haha

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Happy to help!

The book club was great! And super helpful too. Sometimes, when I read for myself, I would just mentally skip the reading of some words; as long as I understand, I don’t care too much. I didn’t realize how many words that actually includes… it’s actually funny that I first misread the kanji we were discussing in this thread (when reading the word 凝視).

Nah. I appreciate, but I just have too many holes in my kanji knowledge. Plus a ton of leeches that I was never able to squash. I really feel like WK will be the way to go, which is why I am here.

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