Race to Your Goal! December 2020 JLPT

Do you have the link ?
It’s awesome how the nature works ^^ And it’s more awesome to find how it works !

I hope you will not lose to much things for your study :confused:


I don’t know if that exist in your country, but in France we have specific grade for a mix of computer science and biology/health stuff… So you can understand specific needs and requirements of medical people, and you can create very strong software for their need. Maybe it cool be cool for you because you have the interesting part, you can work in an hospital without having the same insane work hours.
What is your main interest in computer science ? What is the field you prefer ?

You are always so regular… Good job ! Keep it up !


Keep it up and you will reach the painfuuul levels :triumph: :japanese_ogre:


Sorry, it was over a year ago and I’m so fuzzy on the details of the article I couldn’t find it again. That’s not great for someone who’s supposed to be writing a thesis :eyes:

Edit: @Karakayn I have a burning question. What is the brown stuff in your avatar?


Thanks @Karakayn, I’ll keep going. 1 more year!


Reached level 25 - 7 days and 4 hours.


Isn’t it some onesie-like animal costume? Tanuki, maybe?


But then, where are the shoulders and arms? There are no sign of those :joy:


I thought it was a costume (the type kids like), but it seems your two avatars are related.

After extensive investigative work [i.e. after looking it up in a couple reverse image searches :rofl:] I found this, a minor anime character in an anime called “Kemono Friends”. A quick search on the name gives this:
Tsuchinoko EN
So it’s actually a snake (more or less). That explains the lack of arms I suppose. By the way @Ilyasaur that’s an incredible eye you have, I would have never noticed it…

Another mystery solved :male_detective:


Detective Kurei_0, that is some incredible investigative skills you have. That’s a really interesting backstory to what I presumed was a pretty innocuous question. Thanks, I like to think I have an eye for details when I want to :grin:

I guess the Santa hat covers the snake eyes, obscuring the true animosity of the skin.

Also I’ll just leave this comment on that anime char website here, since I found it so random and funny:


Finally I would like to apologise if this is derailing the thread a little, I don’t even have a WK sub anymore… :sweat_smile:


You make it sound so niche! I watched that anime with my daughter. It has a weird charm. I liked it. Would never have recognized the avatar because the santa hat dominates the small icon.


Since we’re talking about avatars - I finally set up one in Gravatar, it now shows up on the main Wanikani site but not on the forum, and I don’t know why? It’s also tracked over to Bunpro.


You may need to set it up on the forums as well. Visit this page:

You should see a little box for your gravatar, if it is already ticked then I’m afraid I can’t be of any help xD


Thank you!

(It’s not my first choice but was an easy to find diving photo of mine.)


I didn’t saw your edit and I didn’t had a notification :c sorry for late reply !

Good job, you found it ^^
My best friend is really, really… REALLY a big fan of Kemono friends, so he always send me some pictures of this anime, and I watched it with him. I am not a big fan, but he is always soooo happy when he found pictures of it ! So I ended up to also like to see some sweet pictures of Kemono Friends ^^

I had to choose one of it … So I chose the skane because Tsuchinoko is a myth, and I like the personnality of the character. (And I like everyone posting great and so cuuuute art of those characters). Usually, I have my cat in pictures, but I didn’t had one when I joined the forum, so I took the first picture available, that was her ^^
My friend edited the picture for me for Christmas, but I didn’t found back the original, so I let it with this super (huge) hat :joy:

Some years ago, that was really really reaaalllyyy popular in Japan. They had dedicated themed cafes, and there is a big community sharing things about Kemono friends on internet. It’s seems to be something just chill and for kids, but most of the watchers are actually adult without children ^^

Edit : And now I have changed my avatar and you are lost, mwhouahahahha ! :eyes:
I have a big plush of tsuchinoko get in japan, maybe it will be my future picture (or the rathalos one)
Edit2 : sorry my english is so broken, I need to sleep, I will correct that tomorrow xD
Edit3 : Well, I’ve levelled up a couple of days ago, I am 18 now in 16 days !


I’m trying! The first few days after a new level are tough but I’m somehow getting to 0-0 each day. At the moment I get about 250 reviews per day. It’s about as much as I can handle!


Ah, I never new it was actually famous. I used my anime knowledge to decide whether it was a thing or not, but I had only heard/read the name (then again I do judge anime by the cover before starting one so I probably never even considered it). Also, never been to Japan (yet!) so couldn’t have known. Sorry :bowing_man:

I laughed out loud when I read that random comment, usagimimi is now famous :rofl:

Wondering if I should accept the challenge :eyes:
Meanwhile Congratulations for the level up!

P.S. Before opening it, I thought your new avatar was a cat with a Santa hat and a (Santa) bag on its back :rofl:


I have to see it :eyes:

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I am like you ^^ If my friend wasn’t that fan, I would have never heard or knew that this anime existed ^^
I also learn that ハシビロコウ (hashibirokou) exist. We met one in Kobe at 神戸どうぶつ王国.
And in Kemonofriends you have this equivalent

Challenge accepted :eyes:

:eyes: :octopus:

Ahah, I am not that secretly trying to get back to the race !

I am watching you ! :p

You are doing great ! :smiley: For my part, I manage to have less reviews than you (I keep my apprentice under or arround 100 items) but I don’t do 0/0 each level for the moment (I am always half a level behind for vocabulary. Like that I can learn regularly without cheating on vocab (that are really important for me), that I wasn’t able to do when I was trying to get 0/0 because I had spikes of work and then nothing, and I prefer to have each day my little amount of work ^^


A lot of activity here, lately.
I’m still here, but things have stagnated for me, while I’m still struggling to get to 20.
I did all the Radical and Kanji lessons for 19, the last 4 days, but already have almost 17 days on the level.


Just made it to level 19!

These last few weeks have been a bit strange. I thought lockdown by myself would make me really productive but it’s been very up and down. I’m getting more used to it now though and very grateful for my cat :slight_smile: