Race to Your Goal! December 2020 JLPT

Yup. I went xD. You can compare Kemono friends to cult classic movies like “The Room” or something. REally low production values. Over simplified dialogue. But has a charm and a real feeling of mystery that kept me (and millions of others) hooked.

On topic. My initial burst of enthusiasm has evened off (I saw a thread somewhere on the 5 types of Wanikani users, and I guess I’m in the middle of my evolution from Overenthusiastic Beginner to one of the other types), but I’m still doing my reviews and getting 0/0. This is my best chance of actually becoming literate, so I’m still on track.


That is a harpy, isn’t it? cool art!


My days before the lockdowns were way more productive. Now I just try to not be left too behind so I do my reviews and try to do lessons before getting a new batch. It’s hard, idk why, it’s so easy to think about something else that seems way more “pressing” but it’s not like I can change anything :sweat_smile:


Hey welcome back ! It’s not a problem to take few days to finish a level, the more important it’s to learn correctly those items, so 頑張って!You can do it (*^▽^)/

Good job ! I will add you to my leaderboard :triumph: :eyes:

I totally didn’t unearth this topic, I swear ahah.
Which type is the most describing you now ?

I am happy to see you again !

When WK became just a routine and was not fun at all anymore, I started to come in this topic and @FennelFox and others here kept me motivated (Because I felt guilty to take 2weeks~more than 1 month for leveling when ALL OTHERS were reaching their level into 7-10days at maximum.).

But in fact, I don’t even felt guilty now, because I do what I can and I really progress for a lot of things, so, I got a second “overenthusiastic phase”, which continue and is really improved since the lockdown.

So, just to say, keep it up ! You can do it, you are already level 10 and the level coming to level 20 will really improve your ability to read things I think :slight_smile:

It’s this one, it’s a Rathalos from monster hunter. I think the next time I will go to Japan I will come back with sooo much goodies of monster hunter xD I really like this game.

Do your best :slight_smile: We are here to keep you motivated !
You can do it !
I know that for some people the lockdown is really demotivating, but you can have more time for you and to do what you “don’t have the time” in a normal situation :slight_smile:
So keep it up !

I am totally at the opposite of you two, since the lockdown I feel like ultra-over-mega-motivated. I don’t have commute time anymore, and if you don’t have a social life anymore… because of you know… can’t move and a visio-conf is less time consuming, you get so much extra time. (I am not sad because I have awesome friend that have discord & I live with my boyfriend so I am not alone…)
I am working harder for my job, for my passions, I am creating a robot, learning new technologies, getting back my late at some games (Monster hunter, animal crossing), and I have never been that motivated for my japanese studies.


Thank you so much!!! I think motivation from the forums is what will help keep me going :slight_smile:
As far as what type I am? Hmm… forum kid maybe? Or script abuser xD

Oddly enough, working from home I’ve been busier than before. Not because I’m working from home, but just a combination of projects coming online. So partly my motivation is lower because I just have less time to spend.


I was wondering if this would happen. It’s just like any other race condition. Unlikely to happen on any particular time, but almost guaranteed to happen at some point. We need a semaphore.

In other news, I’m a’sneakin’ up the ranks. Level 12!


Level up!

This level was very stressful lol. I didn’t do the kanjis until I already had the second batch unlocked so all kanjis were done together and I didn’t do vocab until literally today, then I leveled up.

Now I did the new radicals and kanjis all together to buy myself some lost karma :sweat_smile:. I’ll do the rest of the vocab tomorrow, I am brain toasted now.

Death levels here I come! (making an spectacularly unconvincing entrance)


Got back to that 0/0 after a while, feels good.


So wait, people don’t clear their vocab each level?

I find it much easier to remember a kanji if I know the words that it’s used in. Otherwise I struggle even with the kanji that I’ve known for years if all I see is the kanji out of context alone and can’t remember the individual mnemonic. (which is of course the point of Wanikani)

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I’ve seen a few forum topics on this subject. Usually the consensus is the some people are using other resources for vocab which they prefer, and generally everyone has their own learning style. I’m the same as you though.


Ooooh, I see. I do find the example sentences bad in Wanikani, which actually hinders my recollection of any words or kanji. They are strange and vague. But as a backup I am immersed in japanese everyday so it doesn’t bother me.

I shall search for these topics so I can see how people complement vocab from outside. Unless of course you can point me to the right direction?

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The most recent thread I can think of is this one:
It has some differing outlooks on using vocab, and I seem to remember people mentioning resources they use in some of the posts (I hope this helps you!)

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Thanks. I’ll take a look.


That’s the one I was looking for!

But in my search I also found this one

Which had a link to an interesting video about interleaving in your studies.
…I totally expected Koichi to be older!


There’s also a wiki of resources that the community has ammassed (it’s not only about vocab):

Warning, the wiki is quite long

The Ultimate Additional Japanese Resources List!

For example the Anki decks should be very useful.
I’m using the “Core 10K breakdown by WaniKani level” (it’s heavy, in many ways, but it’s perfect in my opinion). I’ve also used Torii in the past and many like it (it’s a solid program, and free).
Other than that I don’t know, I like the WK vocabulary.


Spectacularly unconvincing entrances are incredibly important.

In a movie I once heard someone say that our value is not in how little we fall but in how we pick ourselves up. As a result if I want to make a good first impression, I always fall dramatically through a door.


Alright let’s see how this plays out haha, I did a lot of catch up vocabulary but it’s gonna be a painful 48 hours.


Did anybody flat out skip JLPT N5 and went for N4?


I haven’t tried the tests but I did study with the minna no nihongo books, WK and Bunpro (along with some other stuff) and I would put myself at a middle N4. I’m gonna try doing the tobira book to see if I can get myself into lower N3 by June-ish.

I guess at that point is kind of pointless to even try the JLPT N5 cause even if I did really good on it it wouldn’t mean much. I was aiming to take the N4 by December but this extra times makes me wanna try for N3 instead.


Level 26! 8 days 0 hours :grimacing: still a long way from 60 but creeping ever so slightly closer everyday!